Xiaomi Says Indian Factory Capacity Will Return to Normal Next Month

Xiaomi India Market Director Manu Kumar Jain issued a statement today. He said that after obtaining local government approval, its Indian manufacturing partner production will resume. The normal production capacity will be reached in June.

Jain also added that Foxconn’s Sri City plant has been approved by the Andhra Pradesh government and will resume production soon. Jain said: ‘All factories should be up and running. Of course, the rate of production increase will be slower. But we hope they can be put into operation as soon as possible.’

In addition, Xiaomi India’s chief operating officer Muralikrishnan said that in the next few days, Xiaomi hopes to start production through various factory partners. The factory is ready for health and safety, and the supply will increase accordingly.

Muri Krishnan said: ‘Overall, we expect to resume normal production capacity by June. We will continue to increase productivity.’ He also added that the parts supply chain is very smooth and will not face any problems.

Will Xiaomi Get Back To The Normal Capacity Soon?

In addition, Muri Krishnan also stated that in low-risk areas, Xiaomi will resume sales through offline and online channels. He said: ‘Xiaomi Mall (Mi.com) has been launched and shipped to consumers in low-risk areas.’

Muri Krishnan also revealed that it usually maintains a few weeks of inventory. And since the manufacturing is about to start, there are no challenges in this regard.

Jain said that more than 15% of Xiaomi partners are operating. Starting Monday, about 60% of Xiaomi’s stores in low-risk areas are in operation. Xiaomi has about 10,000 offline retail stores in India.

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The company also said that in the second quarter of this year, its Indian smartphone sales may have declined, but will rebound in the third quarter. In the first quarter of this year, Xiaomi sold about 10.3 million smartphones in the Indian market, with a market share of 30.6%, ranking first in the list. VIVO ranked second with a market share of 19.9 %%. Samsung ranked third with a market share of 18.9%.


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