Xiaomi Travel Trademark Registered: What Products Will Carry It?

We know that Xiaomi is making products for all niches. It’s difficult to find a niche, where no Xiaomi or Xiaomi-related company is presented. This manufacturer has even announced its entry in the smart electric cars market. But this doesn’t mean our favorite manufacturer will ignore other niches at the moment and focus on big projects only. As Enterprise Check App shows Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. has newly added “Xiaomi Travel” trademark application information. The international classification involves financial property management, and the trademark status is “application for registration”.

Xioami Travel

On March 30, the Xiaomi Group announced that it would build cars. At the Xiaomi press conference held that night, the founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun said that he was willing to bet on all his achievements and reputation “for Xiaomi cars war”. However, Lei Jun once said in an interview that he has not yet figured out the specific name of the Xiaomi car and needs to spend time to evaluate it. Prior to this, Xiaomi has applied for the registration of the Miche trademark, and the current trademark status is in application. At that time, we guesses this is going to be used for its smart cars.

We still have no idea what products will carry the Xiaomi Travel moniker. Till the date, Xiaomi has launched only a few products aiming at travelers. Among them, we should mention the Xiaomi Luggage with various materials and in various sizes. But something tells us that this is going to be something more.


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