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Xiaomi Will Announced ‘Air Charging’ Technology Tomorrow

Tonight, Xiaomi officially announced that it will introduce a new technology tomorrow. The company claims it will be an epoch-making technological innovation. According to the news of a blogger, Xiaomi’s technology is called the ‘air charging’, not wired or wireless.

air charging

Xiaomi has made rapid progress in charging technology in recent years. In October last year, Xiaomi announced that Xiaomi wireless charging crossed the 80 watt mark for the first time, breaking the global smartphone wireless charging record. Xiaomi stated that it has specially customized a more efficient wireless charging architecture and chip, independently designed a composite coil system, using MTW multi-pole fast charging batteries, dual 6C series batteries, cooperating with multi-stage variable current control and MiFC fast charging, etc. Due to such an ‘accelerated’ technology, a 4000mAh battery can get 50% of power in 8 minutes and 100% in 19 minutes.

According to the news, a new flagship model of Xiaomi is testing 80W wireless charging and is currently in the verification stage. If it goes well, we hope to see mass production models in the first half of the year.

Xiaomi first launched 7.5-watt wireless charging in China in March 2018. In February 2019, it launched the world’s first 20-watt wireless fast charging technology. In September 2019, it launched the world’s first 30-watt wireless flash charging. Its first release was in March 2020. A 40-watt wireless flash charge, the world’s first 50-watt wireless second charge was out in August 2020.

Generally talking, we have reviewed Xiaomi’s evolution of developing fast charging technology. And for more information, you can read the full article.

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