Xiaomi’s Wuhan Headquarters Officially Resumed Work

Today, a Xiaomi Charity Foundation official said on Weibo that Xiaomi’s Wuhan headquarters officially resumed work. Also, the first batch of colleagues who came to work received the ‘epidemic care package’ (masks, alcohol, hand soap) before starting work. After the official resumption of work, Xiaomi will adopt more stringent prevention and control measures such as ‘two eliminations, double temperature measurement, two masks, and meal sharing system’ to build a solid line of defense.

On March 19, it was reported that Xiaomi’s Wang Xiang stated that since January 20, all employees in Wuhan were on vacation, and nearly 2,000 employees in Wuhan had no infection. After the company gradually resumed work, on-site employees would be issued 2 per person per day (only masks, a bottle of alcohol disinfection spray, and a bottle of disposable antibacterial hand sanitizer).

On December 18, 2019, Xiaomi’s Wuhan headquarters officially opened. According to reports, the Xiaomi Wuhan Headquarters Building project is located in Optics Valley Central City. The main body has a steel structure. The facade of the building uses a full glass curtain wall. The total construction area is about 52,000 square meters. The building can accommodate about 2,400 to 3,000 employees.

Xiaomi's Wuhan

This is another sign that Wuhan has almost completely overcome the epidemic. We mean this can become a serious hint of how other countries should fight against the new coronavirus. However, at the moment, the Planet is still suffering from this disaster.


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