Intel Releases AI Chips for Neural Networks and Vision Processing: Intel Nervana

Intel Nervana

Intel today announced their latest launch of the Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP). And the next-generation Intel Movidius Myriad Visual Processing Unit (VPU) in Beijing.

Julie Choi, vice president of Intel’s artificial intelligence business unit and general manager of Intel’s artificial intelligence platform and market research, said: “Intel focuses on three aspects of hardware, software and ecological cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence. Dollar revenue. “

As Intel’s first dedicated ASIC chip for complex deep learning for cloud and data center customers. Intel Nervana NNP is highly scalable and efficient. The Nervana neural network training processor (Nervana NNP-T) strikes a balance between computing, communication, and memory. Whether it is a small-scale cluster or the largest pod supercomputer, it can be nearly linear and extremely energy-efficient. Extension.

Intel Nervana Neural Network Inference Processor (Nervana NNP-I) also has high energy efficiency and low cost. Its form factor is flexible, which is suitable for running high-intensity multi-mode inference in actual scale. At the same time, Intel also recently released the next-generation Intel Movidius Myriad Visual Processing Unit (VPU).

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