iPhone 11 Has Strong Demand in China, 4 5G Models Coming Next Year

As 9To5Mac said, the world’s leading securities company Wedbush analyst Dan Ives released the latest analysis report. In fact, this report confirmed the recent news about iPhone sales.

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Analysts said that due to strong demand in the Chinese market, the overall demand for the iPhone 11 was higher than expected. At the same time, the iPhone 11 Pro’s demand in the US exceeded expectations.

Wedbush believes that Apple will sell about 185 million iPhones in the upcoming fiscal year. Apple’s ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle lens combinations are very popular. Especially, this was noticed when Apple lowered the entry price of the iPhone 11 to $699.

iPhone 11 series

We know Apple will release its earnings report on October 31. The quarter includes two weeks of sales of the iPhone 11 series. Thus, this will be the first time we understand the sales of the new iPhone.

Wedbush also analyzed the upcoming iPhone that will be available in 2020. Ives pointed out that Apple will release four iPhone models in 2020. And it’s expected all variants will support 5G, motion control, and 3D-sensing systems.

However, we knew about this before. The well-known analyst Guo Minghao has announced Apple will launch three new iPhone products in the fall of 2020. And all phones will support 5G cellular networks and use OLED displays.

When this happens, the Cupertino-based company will have more chances to win the race. We mean there have been rumors the iPhone models will switch to OLED screens soon. And seems the time has come. At the same time, these handsets should support 5G, otherwise, they will appear out of the competition.


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