iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Hits Apple’s Smartphone Shipments In December

Some sources reported that Apple’s smartphone shipments in China rose sharply last month․ Օne of the important reasons is the hot sales of the iPhone 11 series.

It is important to note that Bloomberg calculated this based on data from the overall smartphone market and shipments of Android devices. The iPhone maker’s shipments in China in December last year increased by 18.7%, to about 3.18 mln units. This growth rate has accelerated from the previous few months, and the release of the iPhone 11 in September boosted iPhone sales. In addition, according to the sales figures, this product was the main driver of the rising shipment figures.

iPhone 11

By the way, the data comes from the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, which is a government research center.

Apple’s iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro models have significantly improved battery life and camera quality over previous products. Besides, those products have been well received by consumers and media in China. As a result, these models of Apple have had great success in the market․

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Apple Corps benefited from tax cuts to lower product prices․ Afterward, investors were pleased with what Apple CEO Tim Cook said of the vision of good US-China trade relations.

It is expected, Apple will increase shipments during the Chinese New Year in late January. However, in order to capture the market share of local Chinese manufacturers led by Huawei, the company needs more effort.


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