iPhone 5G

iPhone 5G Sales May Be Disappointing

According to IT House news published on December 14, Gene Munster, managing partner of Loup Ventures, said. “Due to factors of 5G network coverage in the US, Apple iPhone 5G smartphone sales may be disappointing next year”.

When it refers to the new generation of networks, first of all, we must say, that Apple company is not consistent․

However, we can mention at the same time, that in the 3G network era, Apple has launched an iPhone, that has supported the actual networks in 2008. After then Apple launched the iPhone 5 in 2013 that was supporting the 4G network. In brief, it lasted 2 years since the company started to produce smartphones, that come with the 4G network.

iPhone 5G

At present, T-Mobile has created the 5G networks platform nationwide in the United States. So other operators are gradually expanding their 5G coverage. But however, there is no any 5G-compatible device from Apple yet.

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Gene Munster, the managing partner of Loup Ventures, said that this is not Apple’s problem. Apple’s smartphone will play a huge role in 5G, but the network’s promotion coverage will take some time. Munster said that sales of Apple’s iPhone 5G smartphones will disappoint investors in 2020.

Previously, the Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg said in the summer of 2018 that only about 50% of Americans will have 5G smartphones by 2024. Piper Jaffray’s in September survey showed that 23% of people would upgrade to a 5G Apple smartphone. Regarding the promotion of 5G smartphones, the main task currently lies on the shoulders of operators.


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