13-Year-Old Middle School Student Caroline Improves Musk’s “Super High-Speed Rail” Program, Which Can Double the Speed of Trains

In 2012, Elon Musk proposes the concept of “Hyperloop”. It uses magnetic levitation to move the train’s transport cabin in an almost vacuum pipeline, with 28 passengers per cabin. At a speed of 600 miles per hour, it rushes across the country and even across the continent.

However, the project is still in the development stage so far. The safety and cleanliness have been controversial.


Recently, a 13-year-old high school student has design a safer, more environmentally friendly and lower cost super high-speed rail solution. It may provide a new idea for the “super high-speed rail”. She made improvements based on the idea of ​​Elon Musk. Caroline ‘s hoping to move the existing train through the vacuum tube.

This idea has just won the second place in the year in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge held in the United States.

From the middle school students “super high-speed rail” compromise

Caroline Crouchley’s solution is to build a magnetic levitation pipeline next to the existing train track. The magnetically driven shuttle in the pipeline will drive the train on the existing track through the magnetic arm.

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