Bank Data Was Stolen by Hackers, and US Lawmakers Asked FTC to Investigate Amazon

The US Capital One Bank attack by hackers. Did Amazon protect the Capital One server before the attack occurred? In response to this problem, two US senators asked the FTC to investigate Amazon.

Senators Ron Wyden and Elizabeth Warren say they want the FTC to investigate to see if AWS is illegal. The senator said: “Amazon continues to sell flawed cloud computing services to businesses, government agencies, and the public. The data of 100 million Capital One customers has been theft, and Amazon should bear some responsibility.”

At the beginning of the year, Capital One said that personal information of 100 million US individual customers. And 6 million Canadian customers was stole by hackers, including name and address. Capital One saved the data to the Amazon cloud service and was stole.

The suspect in the attack was Paige Thompson, a female programmer who successfully accessed Capital One data through a misconfigured web application firewall.

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