BrandZ Top 50: Xiaomi Ranks Fourth: No Changes

Kantar BrandZ today released the 2021 China Top 50 Global Brands rankings. Alibaba, ByteDance, and Huawei are among the top three, and many familiar Internet companies are also on the list.


The fourth to tenth places are: Xiaomi, Lenovo, OPPO, Hisense, Haier, OnePlus, and VIVO. From the overall ranking point of view, this is the year with the biggest change in the past three years or even the past five years. The ranking of each brand is not as stable as before. Just pay attention to the changes in smartphone brands.

  • Huawei ranked first last year and fell to third this year. The reason should be related to the impact on the smartphone business;
  • Xiaomi ranked fourth last year and fourth this year, and its position has not changed;
  • Lenovo ranked second last year and fifth this year. The specific reasons are unknown;
  • The two brothers OPPO + VIVO have changed the most. OPPO ranked twelfth last year and sixth this year. VIVO ranked twentieth last year and tenth this year.
  • What’s interesting is OnePlus brand dropped one place this year for unknown reasons.

Xiaomi’s continued presence in the fourth place should be related to the rapid progress of Xiaomi’s overseas performance, especially in the second half of last year. Xiaomi became the third largest smartphone manufacturer for two consecutive quarters, and remained in this position in the first quarter of this year and became the largest domestic manufacturer.

OPPO and VIVO have also achieved outstanding performance globally in recent years. Originally, this list was based on brand globalization. This year’s list has added four emerging markets, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico, and the overall research market is as high as 80.


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