Cainiao Reported Chinese Products Are Exported To About 200 Countries

Today, Cainiao released an annual report on global shipments. The report noted, that in the past year, Made in China has been delivered to over 200 countries and regions in the world․ Also, most of all nearly 80 countries and regions have been shipped to China.

Especially reported that Russia, Malaysia, France, Spain, Singapore, the Netherlands, Poland, Israel, the United States and Australia are the top ten countries, that most like Chinese manufacturing.

The rookie shipped a large number of electronic bracelets to Russia, a batch of increased running shoes to Malaysia, and a batch of dog bark training devices to France. In addition, Bluetooth headsets, false eyelashes, and aluminum foil birthday bubbles have become favorites in many countries.

The report shows that foreigners are not only interested in the good quality and low prices made in China, but also some expensive Chinese creations that are also popular with foreigners. For example, the rookie transported expensive smart machines, creative jewelry and luxury car accessories to Israel, Russia and France.

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In Europe and the United States and some deserted islands also they have people, who buying Chinese products online on the Alibaba platform. It even sent Chinese made smartphone cases and laser stage lights to two foreign scientific research stations in Antarctica.

Cainiao Global Supply Chain Advantages

In terms of imports, Cainiao Global Supply Chain provides a one-stop solution for overseas brands entering China. Cainiao picks up goods directly from overseas ports, bringing good freight from nearly 80 countries and regions around the world to China. Among them, cosmetics imported by Tmall International and Koala from Spain, Britain, Japan, and South Korea have become Chinese favorites.

General manager Cai Jian of Cainiao International introduced that in 2019, Cainiao connected global customs and logistics resources through digital intelligence technology․

Afterward, it opened the intercontinental route Cainiao, CEIBS Cainiao and European Kaban networks. Also, it deployed hundreds of warehouses worldwide, continuing to improve the world’s third parcel network and global supply chain platform. This will help small and medium businesses around the world to sell more, and allow global consumers to enjoy Cainiao’s same-day delivery.

In addition, this rookie official direct delivery service provides a one-stop collection and transfer service for Chinese who purchase online on Tmall overseas, operates online, and initiates new service concepts such as late arrival and compensation. So overseas Chinese can also happily shop at Taobao.


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