China’s First 5G SA Jointly Builds And Shares Commercial Sites

Yesterday, according to the news of December 15, we learned that Guangdong had a new step in 5G construction recently. He took that step after opening the first NSA construction and shared commercial site in China. At present, Guangdong Unicom and Guangdong Telecom have simultaneously opened a commercial site.

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That is the first domestic 5G SA joint commercial site, that is opened in Guangzhou and Shenzhen and have completed relevant business tests.

Respective information shows, that Guangdong Telecom and Guangdong Unicom’s joint construction plan has SA as its clear goal. However, it will still use NSA construction and sharing as a transition means in the initial stage of construction. These two companies will quickly promote the joint construction and sharing of 5G SA networks by next year. After all, compared to NSA, the construction of SA networks is easier and the construction benefits are greater.


On the one hand, the SA does not need to consider more complicated anchor schemes, so its network construction is relatively easy. At the same time the construction, maintenance, and optimization are less difficult. On the other hand, don’t forget about the advantages of SA architecture’s uplink large bandwidth and two-way low delay. The SA architecture is more beneficial to the deployment of technologies such as network slicing and super uplink. Therefore, SA architecture can bring better 2C services. It is expected, the user experience can better meet the different network requirements of different services From the advised data, users can enjoy a download speed of nearly 1100 Mbps and an upload speed of 250 Mbps under this network. The minimum PING value is only 13 ms and the packet loss rate is 0. In conclusion, we can say, that this speed is a higher level of the current 5G network.


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