Chinese Companies Successfully Developed 5G Network Intelligence 110 Tons of Unmanned Mining Vehicles

The 5G network intelligent 110-ton unmanned mining vehicle produced by Chinese enterprises recently appeared in the 2019 World VR Industry Conference in Nanchang, Jiangxi. It has the functions of automatic task assignment, automatic loading and unloading, autonomous driving, automatic planning map, intelligent autonomous obstacle avoidance, etc. Which is an important achievement in the construction of smart mines.

The car was jointly develop by China Aerospace Sanjiang Group Aerospace Heavy Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangtong Group Chengmenshan Copper Mine, Qingdao Huituo Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. and Aerospace Systems. According to reports, the car includes integrated direct line control, 4D light field intelligence, image processing, wireless communication, artificial intelligence and other systems. The application of high-precision map control algorithm research, high-precision positioning technology, vehicle dynamics model building, etc. 30 A number of key technologies.

The 5G network intelligent unmanned mining vehicle is an innovative and strategic project for the development of high-end mining intelligent equipment by Aerospace Heavy Industry. It is also one of the key intelligent equipments implemented in the construction of smart mines.

It is reported that as the backbone enterprise of China’s intelligent mining equipment industry, Aerospace Heavy Industry is currently planning and actively tracking a number of domestic open-pit mine unmanned and underground intelligent assisted driving technology innovation projects to help China’s mine intelligent development.

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