Google Will Launch Self-Developed Processor: Google Whitechapel Chip

It is a known fact that Apple and Google are the two Silicon Valley manufacturing giants. They compete in every field of technology, and now it is the processor’s turn. Google is going to launch the Google Whitechapel chip.

On November 11, at the press conference, Apple released its first self-developed Mac chip M1 and three new Macs equipped with the M1 chip. Actually, the smart devices with self-developed processors expanded from iPhone and iPad to Mac.

Google prepares for launching self-developing chips for related hardware products. So, Google is making progress, which will be useful for Pixel smartphones next year. Besides, it will be suitable for portable computers running the Chrome OS operating system. The Google Whitechapel chip is based on the Arm architecture, has eight cores, and a 5nm process manufactured by Samsung. What’s more impressive is that the Whitechapel will support AI and machine learning related functions such as Google Assistant.

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There are some similar features that both Apple’s M1 chip and Google Whitechapel chip have. For instance, both of them are able to overcome different computing and processing tasks. Besides, they have a good integration of software and hardware, which is an important efficiency factor. Hence, these two processors have better support for their own services.


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