Huawei 3nm Process Processor Leaked: Kirin 9010 Still Uses 5nm Process

Earlier, a well-known Weibo blogger revealed that Huawei’s next-generation processor will be named Kirin 9010 and adopt advanced 3nm technology. It has aroused heated discussions among many users. Due to various reasons, Huawei will stick to the 5nm process for at least the next two years. In addition, according to the current progress of TSMC and Samsung, the 3nm process will be 2022 at the earliest. Based on this research and development process, theoretically the Kirin 9020 can only hope to land in 2022. From this point of view, the revelation does not seem logical. Now, it seems that the blogger made a mistake.

Kirin 9010

It is worth noting that there may still be more than one Kirin chips, and the craftsmanship will be different. In addition to the previously exposed Kirin 9010, there is also a chip. It is called the Kirin 9020. In the subsequent follow-up on this revelation, the blogger changed his previous post. He said that there are currently two processors under development. The Kirin 9010 will use 5nm+ process, while the Kirin 9020 will use 3nm process.

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In this view, Huawei’s next-generation flagship processor will still be based on a 5nm process, but will use an enhanced version of 5nm. It is more logical. Last year, in a technical seminar held by TSMC, the latter stated that it was developing a new generation of 3nm and 4nm process technology. It will also launch an enhanced version of 5nm next year. The enhanced version of the 5nm process is an improvement to the current 5nm process, and there will be 4nm process technology available. According to TSMC, the next generation of the 5nm process will be 3nm. The enhancement of the 5nm process is to improve the current 5nm process. Its power consumption will be reduced by 10%, and the performance will be increased by 5%.

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