Ma Yun: There Is Always a Strong Woman Behind a Successful Man. There Are Many Behind Me.

At the 2019 Forbes Global CEO Conference held in Singapore, Ma said that women are more caring than men, and more than 60% of Alibaba’s consumers are women. As the saying goes, there is a powerful woman behind every successful man, and there are many women behind Ma Yun who support him.

However, Ma Yun also said, but it is very difficult to convince a woman to believe in a goal. When you successfully persuaded a woman, they will stick to this goal, very loyal, and men will come faster.

Ma Yun also said that he believes robots more than humans. He will hand over his data to the machine in the future. He will definitely worry if he gives the data to others, but the data is given to the machine. The machine does not care if you are Jack or Jack Lee.

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