MI Launched A 3-inch Xiaomi Pocket Printer

Xiaomi launched a Xiaomi pocket printer, support for 3-inch photo printing. It uses ZINK ink-free printing technology. The latest device supports AR photos and audio photos. And available at crowdfunding price of $42, September 11 Open crowdfunding.

According to reports, this Xiaomi pocket printer is only the size of a charging treasure, you can carry it in your pocket. The shell is of ABS/PC fireproof material, and the body has only three buttons, and the design is very simple.

Xiaomi Pocket Printer

The printer adopts the design of slide-loading paper, and the outer casing and the body are not separate, and the paper is better loaded. The pocket printer also supports the AR photo function. It only needs to take a photo or upload a video when printing photos. Then scan the photo with the Mijia App to experience the AR photo effect.

According to the official introduction, the crowdfunding price of the pocket printer is $42. The price of 20 photo papers is $56, and the shipment starts on October 2.

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