Xiaomi mi Power Bank 3 pocket edition

Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition Is On Sale: 22.5W Fast Charge/10000mah

The Xiaomi product park is enriched with a new accessory for our smartphones. This time it is the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition 10000mAh. It is on sale from today in China on the official Xiaomi store. This power bank costs only 99 yuan ($13.99).

As the name suggests, the highlight of the Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition is its compact body. Its weight is in fact only 200 grams. And its volume is only a third larger than the standard charger for the Mi Notebook laptop. So, it is very easy to carry, without filling our pockets too much.

Xiaomi mi Power Bank 3 pocket edition

The power bank uses high quality lithium polymer batteries and manages to provide enough power to charge three Apple iPhone SEs from zero to 100%. As for the output of this energy, the device supports a maximum power of 22,5W. In particular through the USB Type-C port and the USB Type-C port both with support for 22,5 W, if used separately. Therefore, it can be excellent solution for providing fast charging to our smartphones. While with the USB Type-C to Lightning data cable provided by Xiaomi you can recharge an iPhone 11 faster by about 54% compared to the 5W charger provided by the Cupertino company.

Xiaomi mi Power Bank 3 pocket edition

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Low-current mode

Furthermore, the Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition supports the low-current mode. Just double-click the battery check button to enter the low-current charge state. This low-current mode is useful for charging low-current devices such as Bluetooth headsets, Xiaomi smart bands, and much more.

Finally, perhaps the most important feature of all is the high-precision resistance-capacitance detection feature, this can effectively increase the conversion rate, stabilize the charging voltage and provide more circuit protection as well, bringing more secure power supply.

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