Microwear X7 Review:The smart gadget that suits you

The world is expanding with advancements in technology. The technology has advanced in every field of human’s day to day life. Chinese manufacturers are one who has played a significant role in the advancement in the technology. As it is said, that Chinese manufacturers always comes with the new technology. One of the manufacturers is Microwear which still provides the advanced gadgets. The new Microwear X7 launched by Microwear brand is another step of a company towards the smartwatches.

The gadget is breathtaking with all the specifications that it gives to its customers. Microwear is a well-known brand to produce the latest products with the updates technology. This is another smartwatch after the success of its previous version watch (Microwear X2 Plus).

The first step of the company (Microwear) is gone in a positive direction with the arrival of its X2 Plus smartwatch. All the customers of the company like the product because of its features. It provides the user to make themselves up to date from the regular old watches. Moreover, get away from those bulky cell phones.

But now the company have got its customers with another surprise with the launch of Microwear X7 smartwatch. To know the features of this smartwatch you just have to scroll down and read all the specification of the smartwatch.

Let’s dive in for the specifications of watch:

Microwear X7 Specifications:

Unboxing the Microwear X7:

The packing for Microwear X7 smartwatch comes with a standard small package. Inside of this package, you got a wrapped branded box which contains your smartwatch. On the top, you can view a logo of the company.
More information provided on the sticker which is on one side of the box. The sticker contains the information about the model name and the color of the watch. When you open the box, you will have a clear view of the watch placed in the foam.


The screen of the watch has a protective film or a wrap just like a dial interface. Another thing you get in the box is the booklet which contains all the information of the model starting from how to use it and other features. The booklet comes in various languages like English, German and Japanese.


Firstly talking about the shape of the watch, the shape of Microwear X7 is the same as other watches on the market. The shape is circular with a small 1.04-inch screen. The display or the resolution of the screen is 128*96 pixels. The large display provides you with better quality and bright view. It is a best suitable size for a smartwatch with the high definition picture display.

This high definition picture gives you a better look than the other smartwatches. Like other watches Microwear, X7 also gives you the different colors. This is to give a choice to customers to select their loving color. You can find colors like green, red and black that are the best you get in the watches. The design of the watch is as always chosen as pretty more uncomplicated to that it looks stylish.


The circular design of the watch catches the attention of everyone, this makes it one of the most stylish smartwatches at the first look. With this circular design, the watch stands out with the simple look.
The Microwear X2 Plus also has the physical support as well on one side of the display, from where you can run various features on your smartwatch. This button is also the home button of your watch. A small press on the button lightens up the screen. The long press to the button helps you to switch the watch on/off.


The new Microwear X7 is the waterproof watch. The waterproof feature enables you to wear it in any conditions. This is the reason the watch is the sports-loving and have many features which can impress a sports person. One thing you need to care is that the watch enables you to only go up to 50 meters. And another thing is that you are not allowed to use this watch in the sauna and hot spring environment. The warm spring environment would make your skin terrible and cause you the problems.

Heart rate monitoring sensor:

The heart rate monitoring sensor which depicts your nerve is provided on the back of the watch. The heart rate sensor always starts when you wear the watch, and it gets the proper nerve from your body. Even though you can see that the watch is made up of polycarbonate, this provides the premium look to your smartwatch.


The silicone straps are replaceable; this quality of the watch gives you the eligibility of changing the straps of your choice. The silicone material is always a helpful product for customers as these are anti-allergic and better than the leather straps.


In the hardware section, we talk about the screen which comes with a 1.04-inch screen and a resolution of 128*96, this helps to see a bright screen. The screen also helps the user to get a proper view of the smartwatch when viewing it under the sun.

Microwear X2 Plus Smartwatch is built on the latest version which is compatible with Android OS and IOS.
The durable battery of 210 MAh Li-Ion provides the user with 60 days of power in standby mode, which is not in the many smartwatches. For the speed, the Microwear X7 works great with all the updated features.

The watch comes with various sensors like three-axis accelerometer, and barometer also the geomagnetic sensor. All the functions above help you to perform the activities like tracking of the step, and heart rate just on your hands and sleep control.


Softwares are the essential part of today’s world which have a considerable role to play in smartphones and smartwatches. The Microwear X7 smartwatch runs on OS software.
Microwear X7 comes with the Bluetooth feature. The function of Bluetooth helps the user to connect their device with other OS Android device and IOS devices so that they can operate the watch from the phone.

The watch gives you the features like a pedometer. The function helps you to perform the activities like tracking the step, sleep, and heart rate in the seconds. The watch has various sensors like geomagnetic sensor and barometer along with three-axis accelerometer.

In case you are tired you want to have the rest, the watch will also allow you to record your sleep. The sensor is in-built for the recording of the sleep in the watch. The best thing is you do not have to download the application in your watch. This is an advanced feature that comes with smartwatches. You can record your sleep and keep it for as long as you want. This helps you to take care of your health.

Physical support:

On the right-hand side of the watch, you can see that the buttons are provided by the Microwear Company. These buttons give you the ability to use the watch not only with the touch-screen but also with physical support. You can use these buttons to receive the calls and also hang up the incoming calls.

These buttons also make you eligible for going back to the homepage directly. A small press on the button will light up the screen and the long press on it will able you to turn ON/OFF the watch. Other than this you can also change the screen design by using these buttons on your new Microwear X7 smartwatch.

Microwear X7 Features:

Now, if we start with the features of the watch, the first thing to look at is the capability of the watch. The Bluetooth feature of this watch helps you to send and receive the messages. ALong with the messages you got the feature of making the calls and also receiving them with the connection of outsourcing. This feature is another advancement which makes you connected with your friend and relatives.

Smartwatch gives you the facility to store a lot of videos an the songs that you like to listen and watch. You can check them or play them just on your hand a click away. You always get the notification on your new smartwatch when every there is any type of message or call. Also, there are notifications for alarm and you health meters. The weather report for your location is available and you can attach it on your screensaver.

The newest and the advanced feature in the smartwatch is that it helps you to check you sex potential. The new Microwear X7 gives you eligibility to check your ratings as per your time and the calorie count. Helps to check the heartbeat of a person which would also be helpful for the sex life.

Another feature you got here is the built-in microphone, this microphone allows you to receive and make the calls when you attach your watch with any IOS or OS device. The added speakers help you to entertain you with the loud music.
The drawback of the watch is that the smartwatch does not come with the camera.

Sports Loving:

The Microwear X7 watch is the great watch for the fitness-loving customers as this provides them with the functions like tracking the run, heartbeats, and sleep. Along with activities like running, cycling and swimming.
The user is capable of viewing detailed data for the running and walking or any other activity performed by the user. This is basically enough for the daily use for fitness-loving people. Taking the watch to indoor and outdoor suggests to us that the watch should only be used under the sun. The reason is the GPS which only tracks the activities that are performed outdoors by the player.

Generally, you should go with the outdoor activities like running, cycling and walking which are good for the watch to detect.


The Microwear X7 has an inbuilt battery of 210 mAh. The size of this battery is sufficient for this type of gadget. If you are using this smartphone for the whole long day with the applications that are consuming the battery you just have to charge your watch at the end of the day. The feature of the Bluetooth along with the battery provide you many hours talking.


Microwear X7 in our review is the best product. This smartwatch is considered the best smartwatch for the money and features if you are good with its small screen. If a customer does not want to spend much money, this watch is one of the best options for them.

Microwear X7 has more features than any watch that comes with these sports functions. From these, some are like an inbuilt microphone. The function helps you to place the call and answer to it. The newly added speaker gives your life the charm providing the ability to listen to the song and entertain yourself.

Microwear X7 is available in two different colors Black and red. You can order this smartwatch phone at Gearbest for $24.69 which is very than other smartwatches. we would like to recommend the watch not only because of the rates but also it gives you all the quality features just like the smartphones.

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