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New Feature on Xiaomi TV: You Can Customize the Voice of Xiao Ai

As the Spring Festival approaches, Xiaomi TV officially brought a surprising feature – the TV version of Xiao Ai voice assistant added support for customized sounds. At present, AI voice assistants have been widely used on all kinds of smart devices. Most voice assistants are often referred to as ‘artificial mental retardation’ due to their insufficient intelligence. In contrast, Xiao Ai is probably the most popular voice assistant in China.

The tone of most voice assistants is relatively monotonous, which is often complained by users. Therefore, at the Xiaomi Mi 10 series conference, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun released the customized voice function of Xiao Ai’s voice assistant. So users can customize their own voice and wake-up words.

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The customized sound function of the Xiaomi TV requires users to customize the sound on the smartphone first, and then synchronize to the TV by logging in to the same account. The steps for Xiao Ai to customize the sound is to enter the settings on the smartphone, select the tone setting, and then enter the relevant interface. There will be ‘I want to record’ and ‘Invite to record’ options below.

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What Else Xiao Ai Offers

In addition, Xiao Ai has been committed to the diversification of sounds and launched the ‘Tone Store’ function. In the Tone Store, users can choose popular male and female voices, imitating dialects, and ancient tone colors. It should be noted that Xiaomi has opened the Xiao Ai App. And other brands of smartphones can also download Xiao Ai and use the tone store function for free. But currently customized sounds only support the Xiaomi Mi 10 series, Xiaomi Mi 11, Redmi 10X (5G and Pro) Version), Redmi K30 series models.

If the model you are using does not support customized sounds, there is another way to customize your own voice. That is the voice submission function. In order to make the sound types and styles in the tone store more complete, Xiao Ai allows users to submit their own voices. If the voice passes the review, it can be displayed in the tone store for everyone to use.

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Whether it is a smartphone or a TV, the configuration and functions are now becoming more homogeneous. And users hope that these products can have diversity. Looking only at the voice assistant, it seems that only Xiaomi and iPhone users in China are more concerned.

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