New Xiaomi Folding Screen Will Be Released Before Xiaomi Tablet

According to a Weibo blogger, Xiaomi will launch the Xiaomi folding screen before the Xiaomi tablet. It goes without saying that the new screen will have better specifications.

In terms of features, the screen size will be larger, hence the performance will be perfect. Furthermore, it will support a high refresh rate and high pixel lens. Speaking about the performance, the new Xiaomi folding screen (code-named Cetus) supports a 108MP camera, and it seems to run MIUI12 based on Android 11.

According to the patent picture, the Xiaomi folding screen smartphone adopts the design of the internal folding main screen + external secondary screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The rear four cameras are arranged vertically, and the flash is located on the side of the lens.

What’s even more impressive is that some of the future plans of manufacturers are revealed. Ross Young, the founder, and CEO of DSCC reported that Samsung will launch at least three models of folding screen smartphones next year. Besides, OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi are going to release four products, while Google will also present a model.

As previously reported, Xiaomi and Huawei folding screen products will adopt a design structure similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. So, the internal main screen + external secondary screen will be mainly the same. Actually, the screen refresh rate is 90Hz (engineering machine). On the other hand, it can reach 120Hz and use Samsung’s famous UTG flexible glass technology.

One thing is clear – folding screen smartphones are getting more and more popular. So we should wait for more models from the major manufacturers.

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