OPPO To Bring A New Flash Charging Technology

On February 23, the MWC 2021 World Mobile Communications Conference was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Many companies have previously stated that they will show the latest technological achievements at the MWC conference. As the leader of fast charging technology-OPPO, also said that it will bring a new flash charging technology, “everything can be flashed.”

At this conference, OPPO exhibited a variety of its own ecological products, in addition to smartphones, there are OPPO Watch, OPPO Enco X true wireless headphones and so on. Of course, as the theme of OPPO this conference, “VOOC Flash Charge” is undoubtedly the biggest highlight. Previously, OPPO’s VOOC flash charging only supported its own products. The fast-charging protocol was not compatible with chargers of other brands. It is also worth noting, that the latter has always been a pain point for OPPO users.

Car charging, home office charging

OPPO said that OPPO’s fast charging technology advantages include car charging, home office charging, and chip underlying protocols. This is undoubtedly a signal to open VOOC flash charging to the outside world. Not only that, OPPO will also authorize FAW-Volkswagen, NXP Semiconductors and Anker’s innovative flash charging patents.

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OPPO has granted patents for flash charging technology to more than 40 companies of various types. At the MWC conference, OPPO exhibited mobile power supplies and chargers produced by these partners that support fast charging protocols. In addition, OPPO also released a video, the content is nowadays the most advanced air charging technology.

It is used to display the scroll screen smartphone previously released by OPPO. OPPO designed the wireless charging base into a solid wood pattern. You can place it on the base for ordinary wireless charging, or you can pick it up for air charging. At present, I don’t know how much OPPO’s space charging power is. But Xiaomi and Motorola have released their own space charging technology before. I believe this new charging technology will be a battleground for major smartphone manufacturers.

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