South Korea Proposes ITU For The Third Time to Make Korea’s 5G Technology A Global Standard

On July 18, the South Korea Ministry of Science and government invited the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to make Korean 5G technology a global standard.

At the 32nd International Telecommunication Union WP5D conference in Brazil, the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT applied for some of the wireless interconnection technologies and broadband technologies used in Korean 5G services.

South Korea became the first country in the world to release commercial 5G services in April 2019.

This is the third time when the Korean side has proposed to the International Telecommunication Union to adopt its own 5G mobile communication technology as an international standard. According to the Korean Ministry of Science, the International Telecommunication Union is expected to announce the global standard for 5G technology next year.

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International Telecommunication Union was founded in 1865, and it specializes in organizing information and communication technologies under the United Nations. WP5D is the main body responsible for the supervision of the entire radio system of the international mobile telecommunications system.

South Korean President Wen Zaiyi actually mentioned at the time of attending a public event that the door to South Korea’s 5G standard has become the world standard.

At the “5G+ Strategy” conference which was held in Seoul, South Korea, Wen said that winning the “world’s first” name means that Korean standards will become the world standard. He also mentioned that other countries around the world have also started a fierce competition for the early commercialization of 5G. South Korea has already taken first in this field, and the next step is to challenge the “world standard.”

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