Study Shows Selfies May Drive To More Negative Reviews

According to komonews, Washington State University psychology professor Chris Barry said that compared with the photos taken by others, selfies will get more negative comments. It turns out the professor has conducted research, of which the data shows that selfies can lead to more negative reviews.

30 students from were asked by researchers to take photos of their 30 recent Instagram posts. Then, let 119 other college students rate each photo based on 13 attributes. It turns out that those who upload more photos taken by others mostly got positive feedback, such as self-absorption, low self-esteem, extraversion and success using only the images from those profiles. At the same time, the selfie photos got mostly negative reviews.


“Personality ratings for selfies with a physical appearance theme, such as flexing in the mirror, were particularly negative,” Ferguson says the researchers found.

The processor pointed out other interesting findings as well. It turns out students in the first group who were rated by the second group as highly self-absorbed tended to have more Instagram followers and followed more users.

The researchers think there are a few theories. They think the photos taken by others look more natural, similar to how the observer would see the poster in real life. At the same time, the selfies looked strange, signaling something unusual about the poster.

“While there may be a variety of motives behind why people post self-images to Instagram, how those photos are perceived appears to follow a more consistent pattern,” Barry said. “While the findings of this study are just a small piece of the puzzle, they may be important to keep in mind before you make that next post.”

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