The US House of Representatives Approves E-Cigarette Tax: Intended to Raise Prices and Make Young People Unable to Afford

The House Ways and Means Committee approved a nicotine e-cigarette taxation clause. It means that the United States will tax the nicotine liquid for the first time.

Many young people use e-cigarettes. The purpose of the bill is to raise the price of e-cigarettes so that young people cannot afford them. It will reduce the proportion of young people who smoke.

After the introduction of the tax law, every 1810 mg of nicotine e-cigarette liquid will be taxed at $50.33. For example, if it is a Juul cartridge, the nicotine content is 5%, the liquid is 0.7 ml, and the tax is $1.15.

Young people are more sensitive to price, and tax collection can play a role, but it cannot completely prevent young people from smoking electronic cigarettes.

The Joint Committee on Taxation pointed out that once the new law is passed and implemented, it will bring $9.9 billion in revenue to the federal government in the next 10 years.

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