“Tuning Photosynthesis” Bill Gates Wants to Break Photosynthesis and Stimulate Plants to Double Their Growth Yield

Microsoft’s co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates’ charitable foundation has launched a scientific commentary video called “tuning photosynthesis” to promote a video. The new idea is to help plants grow faster by intervening in photosynthesis processes.

The work was originally initiated by the University of Illinois at the University of Illinois. And eight other US and international research institutions to promote the Efficiency of Photosynthesis (RIPE). It aims to increase the efficiency of plant photosynthesis.

tuning photosynthesis

The photosynthesis usually refers to the process in which green plants absorb light energy. Synthesize carbon dioxide and water into rich organic matter, and release oxygen. The more energy this process converts, the faster the plant grows. By intervening in this process, crop yields can almost double.

Stephen Long, head of the RIPE in the video, said: We have long realized that the efficiency of photosynthesis in plants itself is very low. But what we didn’t realize before, we may be able to change this situation.

The RIPE team is experimenting with tobacco because it breeds quickly and is easy to test. If the method of interfering photosynthesis is effective. It will eventually be applied to important crops such as rice, corn and cassava. Giving these crops superior photosynthesis capabilities may allow more people in poor areas of developing countries to get enough food to sustain their lives.

But for now, this is just a theoretical exploration involving computer modeling. In the video, the researchers shared three challenges: How to accelerate photosynthesis to capture more carbon dioxide molecules? How to help the leaves adapt to changing lighting conditions more quickly? and How plants can metabolize the “photorespiration process?

By combining these concepts with cool animations, coupled with the white-collar laboratory staff to do scientific experiments. The essential vapor freezer screens, and the hopeful voice-overs of the future, these will add to the audience.

The Gates Foundation helped fund this work, so Gates himself clearly saw its future social charity role. Gates wrote on his GateNotes blog: As populations grow and diet changes, such as people’s incomes increase, so does the demand for more meat. By 2050, we need to produce 60% more. 70% food.

Gates added: At the same time, climate change has put more pressure on our food supply due to unstable rainfall, severe drought. And the spread of pest and crop diseases.

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