Why Did Apple Not Catch up with the “First Bus” of 5G Mobile Phones?

Major mobile phone manufacturers including Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and Samsung have launched or will launch 5G mobile phones this year, but Apple has not launched 5G iPhones, but launched the iPhone 11 series models that do not support 5G functions.

So why didn’t Apple catch up with the “first bus” of 5G mobile phones? In this regard, Apple CEO Cook responded in this way. He said that 5G is still ahead of its time. Both the infrastructure and the chips are not mature enough to support the launch of a high-quality product.

In addition, Cook believes that Apple’s goal is never to grab the first, grab the starter, but to do the best, that is, to wait for the relevant technology to enter maturity.

Although Cook explained that Apple’s failure to launch 5G mobile phones is that 5G technology is not mature enough, it is clear that many people do not buy this. Many people think that this is more like an excuse for Apple to find its backwardness in 5G technology.

Judging from various reports, the main reason why Apple did not catch up with the “first bus” of 5G mobile phones is that no 5G chips are available. But in Xiaobian’s view, even with the 5G chip, Apple’s launch of the 5G iPhone this year is not realistic in time.

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