Xiaomi Cervical Massager G2 Announced at 249 Yuan

Xiaomi does think about all cases of life and all consumers. This is the main distinguishing feature of this company in comparison to others. Say, today it launched the Xiaomi Cervical Massager G2, priced at 249 yuan ($35).

During the long-term desk and long-time bow, the cervical spine is in a state of passive stretching for a long time, resulting in excessive neck muscle tension, poor blood circulation. Also, such a long-term state will cause chronic muscle strain cervical deformation, severely affecting the brain blood supply, dizziness and headache problems such as the protrusion of the intervertebral disc.

Xiaomi Cervical Massager G2

Xiaomi Cervical Vertebra Massager G2 Features

The Xiaomi Cervical Vertebra Massager G2 adopts the L-style scarf design. The whole machine is only 190g. The outer area of ​​the fuselage has an ivory white color, and there is embedded a silver mirror metal. The overall look is quite fashionable.

In response to the neck contours of different groups of people, the Xiaomi Cervical Vertebra Massager G2 is equipped with 3 massage heads. Each massage head adopts a 360° floating skinning system to easily adapt to different groups of people and maintain a good skin massage effect under free action.

It uses the TENS low-frequency pulse principle to simulate three major massage techniques, kneading, scraping, acupuncture, and automatic circulation mode. Those 3 large massage techniques have 15 levels of strength selection.

Medically, a pulse current below 1000 Hz is referred to as a low-frequency pulse current. Low-frequency pulse current therapy is a method of treating disease with a pulse current having a frequency below 1000 Hz.

Most people with cervical discomfort suffer from slow blood circulation, which causes the cervical spine to be cold, especially in winter. Open the G2 constant temperature hot pack function, and the high-sensitivity sensor with precise temperature control at 42 °C for 3 seconds can effectively solve the cold state of the cervical spine.

Xiaomi Cervical Massager G2 uses the mainstream Type-C charging port. If you use it for 30 minutes daily, it can last for 8 days. If the electrode pads are not in contact with the skin, they will automatically shut down after 60 seconds of operation to ensure safe use and save power.


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