Xiaomi Follows Huawei’s Steps, Establishing R&D Company In Finland

On July 14, Xiaomi registered a research and development center in Tampere, Finland. It’s named Xiaomi Finland Oy, and Xiaomi Finland CEO David Arthur Felix was appointed general manager of the research and development company.

Xiaomi’s new company in Finland will focus on camera technology research and development. It is foreseeable that its achievements will be mainly transformed into mobile photography in the future.

As a home of Nokia, Finland has long cultivated a large number of engineers, especially imaging engineers and related teams. As early as 2016, Huawei also set up a research and development center in Tampere, Finland, and ‘absorbed’ a large number of engineers from Nokia imaging teams.

In this sense, Xiaomi follows the steps of Huawei and is finding Finland as an attractive source of skilled labor. Huawei became a new home to lots of former Nokia experts and after partnering with Leica, Huawei devices now have a reputation of being the best or among the best camera phones on the market. this manufacturer is probably hoping to achieve the same thing.

In addition, the registration of Xiaomi Finnish R&D company may be related to a cooperation agreement signed by Xiaomi and Nokia.

In July 2017, Xiaomi publicly announced that it has signed a business cooperation agreement with Nokia. Also, there was a multi-year patent license agreement, including cross-licensing the standard essential patents for mobile networks. The transaction also includes Xiaomi’s acquisition of some Nokia patent assets.

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Undoubtedly, after obtaining the patent license of Nokia and acquiring some patent assets, the China-based company further cleared the obstacles of overseas layout and laid the foundation for global R&D and development.


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