Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Debuts Super Fast-Charging Silicon Oxygen Anode Battery

Today, Xiaomi officially promoted the new selling point of the new Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. It says that the phone will first launch a super fast charge silicon oxygen anode battery. The latter can make smartphone batteries thinner, support faster charging, etc.

Plus, yesterday, Xiaomi said this handset will debut the Samsung ISOCELL GN2 CMOS. It comes with a 1/1.12″ inch ultra-outsole. Each pixel of 50MP reached 1.4μm, which is an unprecedented 2.8μm after fusion. It has the world’s first Dual PD Pro, full-pixel omnidirectional 8-core focusing.

Xiaomi said that if you want to increase the battery capacity, it will inevitably be accompanied by the expansion of the volume of the smartphone. This is because the energy density of the traditional graphite anode battery is close to the theoretical limit. But it is difficult to further increase it. However, Xiaomi’s exploration of new battery materials has never stopped. ‘We have tried silicon anode battery technology for the first time on the MIX Alpha.’

Super Fast Charge Silicon Oxygen Anode Battery Feautures

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra’s super fast-charging silicon oxygen anode battery comes with a higher energy density, larger capacity and faster charging. The second-generation silicon-oxygen anode battery “doped silicon to supplement lithium” to make silicon particles difficult to pulverize. So as a result, its battery capacity is 10 times less than that of the theoretical gram capacity of graphite.

Xiaomi also said that as a new direction of battery materials, silicon anode batteries have been applied to some new energy vehicles. And the smartphone industry may be the next point of force for this new material battery. With this technology, smartphone batteries will become faster, lighter and thinner, and will have high-capacity characteristics. This will be the future development direction of battery technology.

Xiaomi will hold a spring conference next Monday, when the  Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro & Ultra will be released and will challenge the title of “Android Phone King”. In addition to the above two smartphones, the new Mi MIX, the Mi Notebook Pro, and Mi’s new generation air conditioner will also be unveiled on the same stage.

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