Xiaomi Shipped 63.7 Million Units And OPPO Fell to The Second Customer

According to data from the research organization Omdia, MediaTek has successfully surpassed Qualcomm to become the world’s most-shipped smartphone processor supplier last year. The brand’s immense growth is thanks to growing orders from key smartphone OEMs, Huawei’s US ban, and the company’s strategic announcement of its new lineup of Dimensity chipsets with built-in 5G modems. In addition, the largest customer is Xiaomi. Among the phones shipped by Xiaomi last year, 63.7 million have MediaTek processors.

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After entering 5G field, MediaTek’s presence has increased significantly. They have launched a number of 5G smartphone processors. In addition they are constantly launching new products. Smartphone manufacturers adopt it, and shipments are also considerable.

Xiaomi Is the Largest Customer of MediaTek

According to data from research institution, in 2019, Xiaomi’s shipments of smartphones equipped with MediaTek processors were 19.7 million units. Moreover in 2020, 63.7 million units, an increase of 44 million units and a year-on-year increase of 223.3%.

Last year, MediaTek’s second largest customer for smartphone processors was OPPO. In addition, in  their smartphones last year, 55.3 million units also had MediaTek processors. Furthermore the increase of 9 million units from 46.3 million units in 2019 is noticeable. OPPO and Realme shipped together 83.19 million units. It is worth noting that OPPO was the number one customer of MediaTek’s smartphone processors in 2019. In addition, Samsung increased its procurement of MediaTek processors in 2020. The shipment of smartphones equipped with MediaTek chips was 43.3 million units, a year-on-year increase of 254.5%. So, this also made it the fastest growing among MediaTek customers. It is clear that MediaTek will continue growing in smartphone chipset shipments.

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