smart dual-mode fascia gun

Xiaomi Youpin Launches Smart Dual-mode Fascia Gun

Today, Xiaomi Youpin has launched a new crowdfunding smart dual-mode fascia gun with deep space gray color matching, a 5-block dual mode, and a crowdfunding price of 399 yuan ($57).

The fascia gun is a massage tool that assists relaxation. It promotes blood circulation through high-frequency vibration stimulation, reduces the adhesion between muscles and soft tissues of the fascia, and then relieves the sore body after exercise. Thus, the fascia is like a large net enclosing the musculoskeletal and viscera. Exercise or poor posture can cause it to break and damage, resulting in sticky joints, causing muscle pain and weakness.

smart dual-mode fascia gun

This smart dual-mode fascia gun has five-speed intelligent dual modes, distinguishing between professional fitness and intelligent massage modes. And it provides a total of 5 intensity gears at 1800-3200 revolutions per minute.

Among them, the intelligent massage mode is suitable for daily relaxation at home. And the intelligent electric control interactive system can automatically simulate professional methods to massage and relax the human body. The professional fitness mode is suitable for eliminating muscle soreness and shortening the recovery time after exercise through the impact of 3200 rpm.

smart dual-mode fascia gun

This smart dual-mode fascia gun uses a self-developed dual-bearing transmission structure with imported brushless noise-reduction motors. It has a torque of 70mN.m and a built-in 2900mAh lithium battery. The company said that the battery life is 14 hours, and it has 4 soft types. If massaged for 10 minutes every day, it can be used continuously for 84 days. The massage head can be replaced according to different parts and needs.


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