Acer Introduces New Thermal Materials For CPU

According to Tom’s Hardware report, Acer launched a new CPU thermal material at IFA. According to officials now that processor performance can be increased by 12%.

Acer said that the new thermal interface material (TIM) improves the thermal efficiency of 77.7%. And can achieve 12.5% ​​CPU performance improvement.


When the foreign media talked with Acer representatives, Acer said that the heat-dissipating material is better than liquid gold. However, further experiments are needed to prove it.

Acer said that the new heat sink material increases thermal conductivity. Which is expected to reduce the size of the notebook’s internal heat sink for higher performance and thinner, lighter body design. Acer plans to use this heat sink in its new version of the Helios 700 series notebook and the Orion 9000 desktop.

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