Redmi G gaming notebook

Everything We Know About Redmi G Gaming Notebook So Far

Tomorrow, Xiaomi will launch a new gaming notebook dubbed the Redmi G. And as the launch date is quite close, it’s logical to see many official posters revealing this or that feature of the laptop. We have collected all posters in this article to show you what look it will have and what features it will come with.

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First, the Redmi G gaming notebook will come with a so-called ‘Dream Big Screen’ of 16.1 inches. It has an ultra-high and wide color gamut, and the color exquisiteness is self-evident. Apart from this, the display supports an e-sports-level high refresh rate to provide smooth and clear action details. The 144Hz refresh rate can enhance the smoothness of the game, reduce screen tearing, and effectively reduce the dizziness caused by smear.

Second, the Redmi G gaming notebook adopts a hardcore mech style design. This cool cyberpunk design has a texture accuracy of one-thousandth. You can also see from the poster that there are charging ports, HDMI ports, mini DP ports, and network cable ports at the back of the notebook.

Under the hood, we will find Intel’s tenth generation Core processor. So it won’t have any problem when dealing with large games. Also, there is a high-performance discrete graphics.

In terms of heat dissipation, the company said that the Redmi G gamebook uses Hurricane Cooling 2.0. We can see that the Redmi G gaming notebook is equipped with two fans. Each of them is connected to two heat pipes, and it uses a four-outlet design. This sixfold three-dimensional thermal design will make playing large games smoother.

At last, the laptop supports the latest WiFi 6.

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