Honor MagicBook Review: Matching its price point, a very cost-effective business laptop

The MagicBook that I want to introduce to you today is very famous! As the most phenomenal notebook of this year, from the sales of more than 10,000 platforms on the first day of the launch, until today, it is still the best-selling 14-inch notebook on the market. Please note that there is no one here, so what is the special formula of the Honor MagicBook?

The MagicBook that I want to introduce to you today is very famous! As the most phenomenal notebook of this year, from the sales of more than 10,000 platforms on the first day of the launch, until today, it is still the best-selling 14-inch notebook on the market. Please note that there is no one here, so what is the special formula of the Honor MagicBook?

Honor MagicBook

MagicBook Configuration Introduction

I am now working on this Honor MagicBook, CPU is using Ruilong’s 2500U, the nuclear display is using Radeon’s vega8 memory is 8GB DDR4, storage uses 256 pure solid state, and there is no mechanical hard disk reinforcement, The size of the measurements is about 1.1 liters, and the weight is about 1.5 kilograms. The overall convenience is very good. This is probably the case.

Computer setup

The Appearance of the MagicBook

Let’s talk about the look! The first is the A-side anodized aluminum alloy material, the texture is very good, and the feeling of a little frosted is not bad, the four corners have an animated treatment, the transition is relatively uniform, it is very round when touched, a little Magic Air means, However, when transitioning to the B side, it is a bit too round, a little toy, the silver color should be the most acceptable color for everyone, I am very fond of it!

Computer A side

Then the logo has a recessed design at the top. It won’t be used for long-term use, plus the chrome-plated reflective effect. This is still very good. The overall look is simple enough to add enough quality at this price. It is very conscience.

Honor LOGO

It’s a pity that the screen can’t be opened with one hand, but the border control is not bad, the left and right are 5.2 mm, the top and bottom are not wide, and there is no common double chin. The material of the frame is also very particular. It is not our common big plastic. , is a plus item!

MagicBook border

B-side screen, the 14-inch IPS panel is 66% SRGB and 49% ARGBC from BOE. The color gamut and refresh rate are basically a reason. Once the eyes are spoiled, then look back at the low color gamut. It’s a bit spicy. Of course, it’s okay to go online, but if you switch from the 72 color gamut screen, it would be a bit uncomfortable to watch a movie. Anyway, there is a lot of things in mind. Everyone is not too embarrassed, but the PWM dimming is still a bit of a snake. After a long time, the eyes will be very prone to fatigue, commonly known as hardware anti-addiction.

MagicBook screen

The C-face is still integrally formed of aluminum alloy. The overall rigidity is very good. If the texture is similar to the A surface, after the slight frosting treatment, the trace control is also very good. Basically, it does not touch the oil. It may be related to the color. For daily use. Still very comfortable!

MagicBook C side

The keyboard is more general, the keystroke is about 0.8 mm, the touch is a bit straight, the feedback is moderate, and the design of the arrow keys is not very friendly, but there are three backlight adjustments, which is acceptable. The touchpad is obviously better, the position is slightly to the right, but the symmetry and harmony is guaranteed. Because there is a sinking design, there is basically no risk of accidental touch. Although the touch is big plastic, it is sliding and The feel of the taps is still harmonious, plus the windows is the precision driver, the overall experience is very good!

MagicBook keyboard
MagicBook touchpad

On the left side of the computer’s interface are USB type-C, HDMI and a regular USB3.0. On the right side, there is only one USB2.0 and the integrated interface of the headset is a relatively normal operation, and the type-C is actually added as a charging port. The scalability of the entire machine, if you need it, is nothing more than just picking the right accessories.

Left interface
Right interface

The story of the D side is relatively small, but the aluminum alloy material is still the main body, which continues the texture of the AC surface. The five-foot pads not only slip the back but also slightly lift the back of the fuselage, considering the entire air duct of the MagicBook. It is in the position of the shaft, this design is still very necessary. In addition, all the stickers and S code are concentrated at the bottom, you can tear it off and save it together. And the logic of the phone is a bit like, it is a small plus item!

MagicBook D side

MagicBook Cooling Performance

The heat dissipation is a 2+1 design, two 0.75 mm thick heat pipes plus 53 blades and a copper fan, because the 2500U heat should not be a problem, the specific parameters are represented by AMD The AVX performance is only half that of INTEL, and the Ultrabook may lock the AVX frequency in order to get the extreme temperature of the grill.

Computer cooling design

This time we used the AD64 CPU roast chicken mode. At room temperature of 20 degrees, after 30 minutes of double baking, the temperature of 2500U came to 73 degrees, and the frequency was kept at 3gHz. The performance was not bad. The wind noise is naturally not much better, staying at 47 decibels.

Test data

The surface temperature is slightly higher, the vicinity of the wasd key is 35 degrees, and the high-temperature area is also relatively large, which may be a little warm under high load. But overall, the thermal performance of the MacBook is still acceptable, except that the surface temperature is slightly higher, there are not too many slots!

Surface temperature

MagicBook Performance Introduction

Let’s focus on performance. As the test logic of Ultrabook, we have to be separated from the game. After all, the use of the two is still a lot worse. First of all, it is a running score. The score of 180,000 is not shameful, and 70,000. The CPU score is also at a level with 8250U, but the graphics card is still worse than mx150.

The score of PCmark10 is 3,331 points. It is definitely no problem for daily office entertainment. The CPU running score of CINEBENCH R15 is 567 points and 8250U is also a level, the specific game performance, low pressure U play 3A, this Everything you think about it can be done. This is the lowest frame quality. The whole frame rate is basically terrible. Don’t be embarrassed by yourself!

PCmark10 score

However, for some competitive games with low hardware requirements, 2500U can still be thick, and the League of Legends in the MOBA games, the jewelry 2, can reach 60Fps in the lowest quality, no problem with playability. Just the picture is a bit spicy! Fps game, CSGO and Cailiu’s performance is also acceptable, in the 1080P minimum quality is around 60Fps, barely able to play, but PUBG is still a bit difficult, in the 1080P minimum quality, can barely maintain Around 20FPS.

Moba game test
CSGO test

Introduction to the Advantages and Disadvantages of MagicBook

MagicBook is almost here to talk about it, summing up a few advantages and disadvantages for your reference, the first is the shortcomings! To be honest, the screen should be considered the most unbearable point in Xiaobian! Regardless of the 45% color gamut, just like the high refresh rate screen, the 72 color gamut is really just for the price of the consumer, but the PWM dimming strategy is very bad, myself It should be regarded as the kind of eye sensitive. This screen is obviously more tired than other screens after a long time, so as far as I am concerned, this screen basically allows me to skip buying a MagicBook!

MagicBook screen problem

Another disadvantage is that it is not a disadvantage. Because the MagicBook uses an integrated metal body, the buckles and screws are used at the same time. The buckles are fixed tightly, so they are unloaded. There is basically no place to start after the screw, and the grille of the shaft part is connected with the D shell, so there is basically no other way than to vigorously miracle if you want to upgrade the solid state or clear the gray. It is best to prepare a few more sticks, don’t open the computer by hand!

D-side design

As for the advantages, first of all, of course, the aluminum alloy body that has been talking about, coupled with the unique ability of the mobile phone manufacturer to control the details, the entire MagicBook’s workmanship, and texture is definitely more than 4000 level! Even Xiaobian’s personal feelings may be better than Xiaomi’s game. Anyway, if you take it out, it’s definitely not shameful.

Integrated body design

Then there are peripherals, although I don’t like this keyboard very much, my feedback is better than Q bombs. It is very simple to use. The performance of touchpad and stereo is not black. It is a very good one for daily use. Bonus items!

MagicBook keyboard

Regarding battery life, in addition to the 20 volt 3.25A notebook output, it also supports 9V2A and 12V2A fast charge protocol, plus the seven-hour battery life of MagicBook itself, it is enough to go out with a charger, if you happen to be an Android user The whole experience is very, very convenient!

Official promotional image


MagicBook will talk to you first. To be honest, at this price, you can buy such a laptop with excellent workmanship and excellent peripheral performance. It is indeed a good choice. If the audience happens to be similar, you need an at this price point of business, it is recommended to consider MagicBook!

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