Huawei To Launch Game Consoles And A Gaming Notebook

Today, the famous Weibo blogger @Tomato Palace revealed that Huawei will launch game consoles similar to Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. But unfortunately, the exact date of the launch is not available for now. In addition, ahead of the release of the game console, the Chinese tech giant may be launching a new line of laptops that are designed for gaming. This will happen already in the current year. With the upcoming launch, Huawei officially enters the field of gaming products.

Earlier, there was news last year that Huawei and Honor will launch a game notebook or a performance notebook respectively. But until the end of the year, Huawei did not launch a gaming notebook. It only launched a Hunter game notebook supported by Honor.

There is currently no more information about Huawei game consoles and gaming notebooks. Though after comprehensive consideration of Huawei’s sale of Honor, the company aims to launch its own gaming notebooks. Therefore, the content of the revelation is highly credible. The biggest suspense at present is the release date and parameters.

However, at the beginning of 2021, Huawei introduced new laptops – MateBook X Pro, MateBook 13 and 14, powered by 11th gen intel processor for maximum performance and the PC version of AppGallery.

Following this launch, Huawei has also planned to launch the AMD versions of the MateBook 2021 series. But still, there’s no certain confirmation on that at the moment.

Huawei looks forward to a renewed relationship with US

Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, said on Tuesday that Huawei will survive the sanctions imposed by Donald Trump. And the company looks forward to a renewed relationship with the United States when new President Joe Biden comes to power. So, Huawei now expects the new US president to improve relations between the two countries, as well as American and Chinese companies. Further, Ren Zhengfei said Huawei remains determined to buy equipment from US companies. In addition, restoring Huawei’s access to US goods is also mutually beneficial. In addition, he suggests that the restrictions on the Chinese tech giant will hurt US suppliers.

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