iReader SmartX Officially Announced at 3499 Yuan

On October 10, Palm Read Technology officially released the 10.3-inch super smart iReader SmartX. It is mainly for business and professionals who need to read professional literature and handwriting office.

In terms of configuration, the iReader SmartX is equipped with a quad-core 64 processor and 2GB running memory + 32GB storage. This is for the first time when an e-reader comes with such a high configuration. The single-core running speed is 50% higher than the previous generation, ensuring faster and smoother operation. There is also a built-in 4300mAh battery which gets fully charged in 3-4 hours.

It uses a 10.3-inch flexible screen, with a resolution of 1872×1404. Our protagonist runs on iReader UI 4.0 operating system. There is a 20-level two-color soft-light system.

In terms of functions, the iReader SmartX has newly added mirrored dynamic projection technology. Without the need of Wi-Fi network, the content of SmartX can be synchronized to the computer, smart TV and other devices. This process also doesn’t require any software.

This e-reader supports Office documents, book format comprehensive handwritten annotations, innovative intelligent assistant, bookshelf, notes, dictionary multi-function direct access, and many more. At the same time, AI handwriting recognition, intelligent search and other functions are added as well.

Not only that, the iReader SmartX also specifically optimizes PDF files for faster opening and faster page turning.

We can also find the multi-function USB Type-C interface, which provides a faster charging, data transmission, and connection of headphones.

In particular, SmartX incorporates the smart chip Smart PA, which is commonly used in high-end flagship phones, to deliver higher volume, richer bass and better sound quality.

It is reported that iReader SmartX is available in deep gray and blue. It is priced at 3,499 yuan ($492).

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