Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook Review: Features, Specs and Price

Jumper EZbook X4 Pro is a Windows 10 notebook launched by the tech company Jumper in April 2019. The laptop is a collection of superior qualities and specifications to hold your daily routine in an efficient manner.

Computer technology has entered our lives in a way that even a single moment is impossible without it. Therefore, manufacturing companies are looking forward to offering customers their enhanced products by keeping price tags low.

Jupmer ezbook x4 pro

Jumper EZbook X4 Pro is the next generation computer system embraced with modern and the latest trends. With a 14.0-inch narrow-Brezel screen, the X4 Pro is napping the eyes of the viewers. You are about to enjoy an excellent scene of nature through the sharpness of the device.

Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook: Features and Specifications

Likewise, the Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook adopts the Windows 10 operating system as primary software. Therefore, the users are allowed to excel their technical skills and dealing with daily chores with the Windows 10 services.

Technology lovers, computer operators, and businessmen are always in a frequent need of a system. They prefer to have well-enriched computer system loaded with the latest and innovative attributes.

Likewise, the Jumper is helping the customers with their next introduction in the computer laptop industry. With EZbook X4 Pro Notebook, you will get amazing facilities to make your work full of fun, easy, hassle-free and fast.

In the processor chipset, the EZbook X4 Pro Notebook has Intel Core i3-5005U processor of i series. This will boost up your working speed and functionality at the optimum use of power.

In the further part, we will take on to review all the specifications and features of the Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook. Let’s go for the required information.

Colour and Design

The outer personality and grace of the EZbook X4 Pro laptop are far better than their competitors. On a prima facie, the X4 Pro laptop adopts stunning outlook with a big screen in the centre.

Further, the notebook involves an aluminum alloy metal body in Silver colour with 6mm narrow Brezel. It keeps the thickness at 14.9mm to describe it as the ultra-thin and slim product of the time.

Jupmer ezbook x4 pro

The top of the X6 Pro Notebook is designed with a brand logo along with various side ports. The design is very attractive and it can win every eye in the first look. The Jumper has maintained a lightweight approach with 1.4 kg weight and handy size. You can carry it with you easily make your projects completed on time.

Operating System and Processor

The Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook is holding the latest 64-bit Windows 10 home version to provide a surface for various software and applications. Therefore, you are free to install your favourite software, drivers, and other applications.

Furthermore, the system is powered by the Intel Core i3-5005U Quad-core processor with 2.0 GHz frequency. Further, the processor chip is based on the 14nm process technology which ensures ultra-high performance all the time.

Jupmer ezbook x4 proJupmer ezbook x4 pro

Besides it, the X4 Pro Notebook has also Intel HD integrated graphics 5500 to facilitate the basic functionality of the system appropriately. The users will experience smooth and customized work while engaging with the modern chipsets from the world-recognized brand. The Intel Broadwell processor will work on lower power consumption and provides long-lasting working sessions without obstacles.

Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Display

What an amazing experience to watch movies and playing games on a larger screen. That is true in case of the Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook. Your imagination will be like heaven when you come into contact with blossom display.

The Jumper EZbook X4 Pro comes with a 14-inch full HD IPS screen with new breakthroughs in the narrow-Brezel. You are ready to enjoy a stunning exposure of wide display gaming and movies like a home theatre. Consequently, it can fill your leisure time with memorable moments while celebrating a huge picture size along with stunning brightness and colours.

Jupmer ezbook x4 pro

The screen-body ratio is 88% which makes it sure to double your excitement every time. Furthermore, the screen of the Jumper EZbook X4 Pro laptop willserve you with a 1920x1080p screen resolution for better and improved picture and video quality.

Similarly, the display aspect ratio is 16:9 and you are the leader with this marvelous piece of technology in your hand. The Jumper has arranged for all to exchange the best value against your money.


Well, this is the most crucial segment of any computer system. The users are always on the hunt to get bigger storage space at affordable prices. They avoid the use of an external storage drive to save their additional data. What if you are free to decide on it?

Jupmer ezbook x4 pro

The Jumper is enriching your system with a huge storage space protocols. On the RAM chip location, the EZbook X4 Pro Notebook carries an 8 GB RAM space that is developed on the DDR3L process and can provide data process speed of 1333MHz. It will let you deal with multitasking in a smooth and reliable manner. While working on the business profiles, you can expect mind-blowing speed with hassle-free performance.

Alongside, the X4 Pro also provides the users with a large 256 GB SSD drive to conclude your data and files. Most probably it will remove the need for using external storage space. But in case, you are left with the option to extend your storage room up to 128 GB more via a TF card. After this, you are ready to capture the hidden possibilities.

Likewise, the X4 Pro also features 3 MP cache memory.

Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Camera

The camera is the foremost requirement of the modern generation. They prefer to have a camera on their gadgets to ease the photo-shoot every time. No doubt, the camera is among the primary factors to add distinct value to the laptop.

Then keeping this thing in mind, the jumper is providing a 2 MP front camera in their X4 Pro Notebook. Ultimately, it will allow you to capture your memorable moments and enjoying face chat with your friends and relatives. Although it does not have a flashlight but can click quality images of high-resolution.

Consequently, the Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook becomes an overall solution by having a front camera along with other important qualities.


Power support is a crucial aspect of electronic products. They need a continuous power supply to meet the targets.

Talking about the power usage, the Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook is designed with an inbuilt non-removable battery of 4600 mAh. Further, the battery is made of Lithium-Polymer but does not support fast charging and wireless charging technology.

Therefore, the system will alive for a long time on a single charge to support your work uninterruptedly. An external charging adapter is there to place it on charge.

Network and Connectivity Options

With regard to the connectivity, the Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook provides numerous connectivity options to the users.

The Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Laptop supports dual-WIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac along with WLAN card. Similarly, the dual-WIFI network can support up to 2.4 GHz frequency.

Moreover, there is also a Bluetooth 4.2 version to establish a wireless connection. The Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook doesn’t support WIFI Hotspot, infrared, and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

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Coming to the wired or physical connections, here you will get a 3.5mm audio output jack to attach headphones or speakers. Apart from it, there are multiple ports like an HDMI port, dual-USB ports, DC ports Type-C port, and TF card slot etc. You can use them as per your data transfer needs.

Importantly, the X4 Pro Notebook equips inbuilt dual-channel speakers to make you able to listen to your favourite songs and watching videos. Using an HDMI cable, you can cast your computer screen on high-definition projector or monitor.

Media Formats

The Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook is manufactured by using ultra-advanced technical algorithms. Accordingly, it is fully capable of fulfilling your desired which you want to satisfy through your computer system.

In the next step, the users are free to enjoy multiple media formats to support this laptop. The system has necessary configurations to play and run all types of audio, video and images files. You never need to convert the file formats.

Jupmer ezbook x4 pro

The X4 Pro laptop can run the audio files with the extensions as follows: OGG, MIDI, APE, AMR, M4A, MKA, FLAC, AAC, AAC+, APE and others.

Similarly, you can enjoy multiple video extensions like 3GP, MP4, AVI, FLV MOV MKV, MPEG, WMV and various others.

And the X4 Pro can run many picture formats like GIF, BMP, PNG JPEG, TIFF, and JPG etc.

What do you need except it? The users will enjoy overall entrainment world on a single platform.

Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Price

Finally, the price is the crucial factor to be recognized in advance. As you have gone through the specifications of the EZbook X4 Pro Laptop, now you can imagine what the price should be.

Jupmer ezbook x4 pro

Anyway, the price of the Jumper EZbook X4 Pro Notebook is $419.99 after a massive discount of 33% on Gearbest online store. The link is provided below to buy the product:

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