Jumper EZBox I3 Mini PC Review, Price and Features

The Jumper is a world-recognized electronic equipment manufacturer with an extensive product line in the market. It has grabbed a considerable market space by inventing superb and quality devices awarded globally. If you are looking for a mini PC which you can place in front of the TV to create a proper workstation, you can click the Jumper EZBox I3.

With a little size and light weight of 320g, the Jumper EZbox 13 is among the smallest and the lightest computer PC in the industry. Therefore, it will enlighten your computer room with super-modern PC specifications.

Jumper Ezbox I3 Mini pc

Features and Specifications:

The Jumper EZbox 13 Mini PC runs on the Windows 10 operating system with an Intel Broadwell-U-i3 5005U central processing unit. As well as, the system is co-powered by Intel HD 5500 Graphics to make it a full pack of modern parameters.

As far as the storage spaces are concerned, then the EZbox 13 is designed with an 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage chips. Hence, you are free to store a massive volume of data and files.

The Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC is installed with lots of ultra-modern features to give you the perfect platform for performing different actions on your LCD TV.

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Jumper Ezbox I3 Mini pc

To be connected, the mini PC uses WIFI-802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band 2.4 GHz along with the dual wireless antenna.

Moreover, a Bluetooth 4.0, DVD plate, HDMI etc. are also provided in the system to give you an extensive computer experience.

Overall, the users of the Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC will enjoy fabulous specialities along with an affordable price base. They will save the space in their home by attaching this mini PC guide to their TV screen.

Further, in this review article, we will deliberate its unique and highlighted features to serve you the idea where it stands as compared to its competitors.

Colour and Design

The Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC has a simple square design elaborating the Black colour finish from all angles.

The Jumper EZbox I3 weighs at 320g and the physical parameters are 12.40×11.25×4.25 cm.

Further, the sleek and the glossy surface ensure a smooth surface while placing on the table. Well, the Black colour will signify a better match with regard to your other home appliances.

Jumper Ezbox I3 Mini pc

The body of the EZbox I3 PC has lots of ports for various functions. The front side contains a DC output, dual-HDMI ports, dual-USB ports, and a LAN port to use accordingly. Similarly, the right side has a port to insert a TF card reader and a lock button.

Jumper EZbox I3 Mini Pc Operating System

If we conduct a discussion on the operating system and the processor the Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC has, then it has the Windows 10 operating system to run the PC a per the modern software configurations.

As far as the if you talk about the processor of the mini pc. The new Jumper EZBox I3 Mini pc comes with an Intel Broadwell Core-i3 5005U processor. Further, the dual-core processor follows a 2.0 GHz frequency and ensures an ultra-speed movement all the time.

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Jumper Ezbox I3 Mini pc


Again, this is the major component to establish the required speed and multi-functionality at the same time.

To achieve the purpose, the Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC comes with an Intel HD Graphics 5500 interface to generate reliable and stable performance eliminating lag and delay.

Jumper Ezbox I3 Mini pc

Graphics card is an essential aspect as it holds the speed of the system in collaboration with its OS and processor.


Unknowingly, we are left with a massive volume of data either in the shape of images, videos, documents files or other stuff after a certain period of time. Although we can store them online, it may be a risky step.

Here jumper has provided the solution for this issue. The Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC comes with an 8 GB DDR3L RAM and a 128 GB home storage space. Therefore, you are free to make your own data storage library through this hard disk drive.

The 8 GB RAM slot will work brilliantly as far as the speed and the multi-tasking is concerned.

Jumper Ezbox I3 Mini pc

Not to stop here. The Jumper is also offering you the facility to extend your storage room up to 64 GB more using a TF card. Generally, the EZbox I3 Mini PC supports an external hard drive up to the capacity of 1 TB.

This becomes a great combo of storage spaces to provide a full safety concern to your valuable data. Therefore, it is the time to make your valuable data always with you and enjoy your files on your TV screen professionally.

Heat Dissipation System

Well, this is the major issue concerned with almost all the electronic devices. When a processor and much other equipment work electronically, it is confirmed that the heat will erupt.

With Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC, you will get a tremendous heat dissipation system to make it work flawlessly. How the heating will be dealt with is the usual question on every tongue. The I3 Mini PC has a set of cooling fans which are working uninterruptedly to deliver cool environment to the inside system parts.

Jumper Ezbox I3 Mini pc

Therefore, it pulls out the heat from the system and ensures the better running and reliable performance.

The heat dissipation system is also beneficial to add value by saving hanging-over time.

Most importantly, the fans also ensure energy saving approach and protect the environment at lower battery consumption.

Multiple Media Formats Support

The users always look to having a computer device or smartphone which can hold files of variant formats.

The Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC comes with the full support to multiple media formats support. You can run or play all types of images, videos, docs, infographics, and audio files hassle-free.

Under the images category, you are able to run BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and many other file formats.

Similarly, you can enjoy multiple video formats like MP4, MKV, M4V, XVID, 3GP, FLV, and others.

Jumper Ezbox I3 Mini pc

Along with, the EZbox I3 Mini PC also supports different music or audio files formats such that AMR, AAC, FLAC, MIDI, WAV, VORBIS, OGG, MP3, WMAV, and some others.

Besides, the I3 mini PC comes to support decoding facility to all these formats as well.

Jumper technologies always prefer to serve its customer base with fabulous product qualities to extend the sphere of customers around the world.


In this section, we are about to discuss various connectivity options with regard to the Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC.

The mini PC comes with 5G WIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band WIFI 2.4 GHz/5 GHz along with dual wireless antenna support. The WIFI chip is from Intel AC3165.

So, it can be a great tool to connect to your other devices through powerful WIFI connection.

Similarly, you will enjoy the Bluetooth 4.0 version support to add additional value to the wireless connection establishment process.

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Jumper Ezbox I3 Mini pc

Talking about the wired or physical ports, the Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC also offers a rich interface with the dual-USB ports, dual-HDMI ports, a DC 12V port, DVD support, LAN, Type-C USB etc.

Along with, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack to attach speakers and headphones.

Power Requirements

Firstly, the Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC does not consist of any inbuilt storage battery for power purpose. Therefore, you are bound to use an external power adapter.

The I3 mini PC uses a 12V external power adapter to make the operations running continuously.

It is crucial to transfer the uninterrupted power supply to the system to gain the desired outputs. So, with the Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC, you have the option to use an external power adapter.

Furthermore, the power adapter input data is and 50-60 Hz. There is a DC port to connect to the power adapter. This is a hassle-free and convenient method to enjoy long-time working sessions.

The Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC is based on the Windows 10 operating system and an Intel i3 processor. This makes the PC to use the power at the rate of 15W.


As the users are paying their hard earned money in the hope to get something productive, therefore, the Jumper is offering its EZbox I3 PC at affordable and reasonable prices.

On the Gearbest online store, you can place an order for the Jumper EZbox I3 Mini PC against $259.99. Surprisingly, the amount you are about to pay is after a 7% discount. Below is the link to buy this mini PC from Gearbest:

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