RedmiBook Full-Screen Notebook Coming With 0.1mm Ultra-thin Blades

The official release of the new Redmi K30 series smartphones will happen tomorrow. Redmi will also release a new RedmiBook full-screen notebook.  Xiaomi has released photos of the real laptop. Redmi officially emphasized two features of this notebook. First, it is thin and light. Secondly, it comes with super-long battery life.

As for now, it is reported that the new RedmiBook full-screen notebook will use a 0.1mm ultra-thin fan blade. At the same time, the new custom notebook fan is made of aerospace-grade materials.

According to the official information, the new RedmiBook full-screen notebook comes standard with a 10th-generation Intel Core processor. From the real machine photos, we can see the RedmiBook full-screen notebook uses a full metal body in silver. In addition, it comes with MX250 discrete graphics. In terms of heat dissipation, the fan blades are light and thin. As said, they are only 0.1mm. One of the main features of the book is that the border is very narrow. The bottom border is also much narrower than before. In addition, this “small” fan blades enable more air volume with less noise.

The heat dissipation structure was redesigned. It has a very narrow four bezel, supports Xiaomi’s mutual transmission function. It also has 11 hours of long battery life. And, it supports fast charging.

The RedmiBook full-screen notebook will be released with the Redmi K30 series tomorrow. The price of the RedmiBook full-screen notebook should also be friendly.

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