Lenovo Y9000X Notebook Uses VC Liquid Cooling

Lenovo has been on the Lenovo Y9000X for a long time broke the news. Recently announced that it will officially launch this notebook on October 11. Now, Lenovo Savior official micro said that Lenovo Y9000X notebook uses vacuum liquid cooling. CPU single roasting up to 60W, breaking the TDP limit.

First of all, Lenovo’s positioning of this notebook is the standard light and thin, “ultra-thin body, efficient cooling”. Lenovo Y9000X is a standard notebook without a separate display, equip with four fans, officially nATSI Pro frost blade cooling system. Four-fan turbocharged reverse noise reduction, VC ultra-thin vacuum liquid cooling, cooling efficiency increased 25 %. In this heat-dissipating configuration, the i7-9750H and i9-9980H’s grilling machines have reached 60W. Lenovo said that the continuous CPU release of the entire system exceeds the official 45W TDP standard.

Many small partners may not know much about VC liquid cooling. The Vapor Chamber is usually a vacuum chamber with a fine structure on the inner wall. When heat is transferred from the heat source to the VC chamber, the coolant in the chamber is heated. Heat absorption, when it comes into contact with the cold end of the cooling fan, the gas condenses to release the heat absorbed before. Lenovo also said that the Y9000X is one of the few thin and light copies of VC cooling.

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