Microsoft Keyboard

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard Officially Released: Dedicated Office Key + Emoji Key

Microsoft ergonomic keyboard is officially on the shelves. The biggest feature of this keyboard is the exclusive Office keys and emoji keys.

The Microsoft ergonomic keyboard size is 487.7 × 262.4 × 60.7mm, and the weight is about 1020g. The ergonomic design: the cushioned palm rest design helps the wrist to be in a comfortable position. It can work efficiently for a long time. The arched design can make the wrist more natural and relaxing. The natural curved keyboard design is Simulate the curve shape of your hands in a natural state.

Microsoft Keyboard

In addition, the biggest feature of this keyboard is the addition of Office 365 dedicated keys and shortcuts. Fast operation in Office 365 office software and emoji keys email can be send by button. In addition there are screen capture tools.

In terms of price, the price of the Microsoft keyboard is $70, only a black color. Click here for details

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