Microsoft Surface Duo Officially Released: Equipped with Android, 5.6-inch Dual Screen, Snapdragon 855

This evening, Microsoft held a new Surface launch conference, and took out two Surface dual-screen devices, namely Surface Neo and Surface Duo. The screen is big and small. If the Surface Neo is a tablet, the Surface Duo is more like a smartphone device.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Surface Duo runs Android systems and apps and supports the full Google Play Store app. The Surface Duo comes with two 5.6-inch displays and can expand to an 8.3-inch display. 

The display can fold back all the way, with a touch screen on the front and back. It can be fold into multiple angles or “appropriate postures” using a 360 degree hinge.

Microsoft Surface Duo

On the hardware side, there is a lock button and a volume adjustment on the right edge. And a USB-C port on the bottom of the right screen. There are also speaker grilles and front cameras. Also supports stylus input.

Each display can also run two different applications simultaneously, or it can turn Duo into landscape mode. Allowing the second display to be use as a keyboard or game controller. The Android version provided here is somewhat similar to the larger Windows 10X operating system running Surface Neo. Surface Duo obviously supports calling and sending and receiving text messages.

Microsoft Surface Duo

According to foreign media Wired, the Surface Duo is equip with the Opteron 855 processor. However, the design elements have not yet been final – for example, whether it will be equipped with a rear camera.

Surface Duo combines Microsoft’s best productivity, Android applications and Surface hardware design, which is probably the best portable device.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft announced the device a year in advance so that developers can optimize their applications for dual-screen devices such as Surface Neo and Surface Duo.

Both the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo will be available during the Christmas holidays in 2020, and the price is not announced.

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