New RedmiBook Parameters Leaked: R7 4700U + Samsung PM881 SSD

According to the latest findings coming our way from @rogame, the parameters of the new RedmiBook are not a secret anymore. It turns out the next-gen RedmiBook products will be packed with AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series APU, while the SSD is Samsung’s PM881.

According to reports, the two models we are talking about will sport the R5 4500U and the R7 4700U processors, respectively. They use 6-core 6-thread and 8-core 8-thread designs, respectively. Also, the source claims they will come with a 16GB memory and a 512GB SSD as standard. The SSD model is Samsung PM881. The following are the official website parameters of Samsung’s PM881 SSD.

The Xiaomi RedmiBook 13 / 14S / 16 is now open for appointment, and the Jingdong page shows that it will be available for sale at 13:59 on May 26th. Prior to this, a large number of Xiaomi’s new models of laptops have obtained Bluetooth SIG certification, including the second generation of RedmiBook 14 Ruilong Edition and the new 16-inch version called RedmiBook 16 Ryzen Edition. But apart from this, there is the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 13.3 / 14 / 16.1.

Well, that’s not difficult to guess the news refer to the RedmiBook 14 Ruilong Edition and the RedmiBook 16 Ryzen Edition. This also means Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers do not want to rely on Intel only and they are releasing the AMD variants as well. These processors do not yield Intel chips but they cost way less. So Xiaomi could control the price of its laptops easily.


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