NVISEN Y-MU-01 Mini PC Review, Price and Specs

Nvisen is a Chinese tech brand, which assembles PC products at considerable costs. Now, the company has again entered the market with its mini PC Y-MU-01 in the 3rd quarter of 2018. Most probably, it can be among the complicated names in the PC industry, hiring inevitable specifications on the board. The Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC is purely based on the i7 processor, which is admittedly the next-gen tool with better speed and high-tech performance.

The mini PC is designed for those who are looking for a powerful system than usual at a pretty good rate. The company has conceded advanced features in the box to pitch in the category of high-rated brands. The silver colour and lightweight design are easy to manage and facilitate the power consumption challenges.

Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC

By the specifications, the Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC supports the Windows 8, 10 or Linux operating system. On the chipset, the mini PC houses Intel quad-core i7-8565U processor besides Intel HD Graphics 620.

Moreover, the system provides the storage space with 8 GB of RAM along with 128/256 GB of internal storage space. The hard drives are in the format of M.2 SSD and 2.5 inches SATA HDD/SSD.

Like other brands, Nvisen takes on to serve users with Bluetooth and multiple media file formats. Therefore, the Nvisen Y-MU-01 PC affords a unique set of characteristics, which we all need in a conventional computer system.

Further, we will go through Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC review with a deep probe. The study will capture overall features it provides to let you know where it stands against its counterparts.

Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC Review: Features and Specifications

Because of the evolution of technological advancements, the computer industry is propelling with the futuristic algorithms. The terrain is full of cut-throat competition with a goal to overtake the competitors. Meanwhile, the Nvisen is also striving by offering a good deal to its customer base.

In this part, we will conduct a review study on the Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC for those wishing to buy it. We have tried hard to compile every aspect of the system. They can go through to take an idea of its strengths and weaknesses prior to the buying decision. Let’s move ahead with the goal.

NVISEN Y-MU-01 Mini PC Colour and Design

The manufacturer has reiterated the compact design like its previous device. The Y-MU-01 PC seems pretty good at prima facia in the silver colour surface. Moreover, the system comes with ergonomic design and exquisite finish.

The company goes with a lightweight approach with some useful ports on the box. There are four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, a VGA, LAN, MIC, and speakers. All looks great collectively to serve you in the same box.

On the left side, it has a power on/off button along with the heat dissipation outlet on the front. Similarly, the top side is plain except capital English alphabet ‘K’.

At physical measurement, the system has 13.60 x 12.50 x 4.30 cm dimensions and the weight is 850g. By this, the system looks quite handy and tiny to go for.

Concluding all, the design and size are gorgeous to place the system on the table. It will not occupy much space on your computer table.

Processor and Operating System

Undoubtedly, these configurations are the nerve-system of any computer device. The latest the versions the stable the performance. Luckily, the Y-MU-01 PC supports high-tech chipset and software platform.

The company decides to give multiple OS configuration to users. Users can install any of the operating systems from the Windows 8/10 and Linux. Hence, you are allowed to run your preferred choice as per the requirements.

Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC

The windows and Linux are two different OS. Amazingly, the company has managed dual-system support on the same surface. You can easily shift your work from one to another.

Similarly, the Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC configures the latest edition on the chipset. It has the Intel i7-8565U quad-core 1.8 GHz processor (up to 4.6 GHz). Therefore, you will enjoy a stunning performance at the lowest power consumption.

Taking on the Graphics card, here you will get Intel UHD Graphics 620 in collaboration with the Intel i7. Collectively, the machine holds a stable performance eliminating lags and delays during the process.


How much data storage space do you need in your computer system?

The Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC has a massive storage space to serve the users. On the RAM slot, the PC has an 8 GB DDR4 to run the system at a higher speed. In collaboration with the processor, it ensures enhanced performance and flawless multi-tasking.

To expand the RAM, there are dual-RAM slots, which supports DDR4 formats.

Similarly, the Y-MU-01 PC comes with the dual-storage options. You can select from 128 GB and 256 GB of a hard drive. Hence, it allows you to store big amount of data locally.

For expansion purpose, there is an M.2 SSD slot, and a 2.5 inches SATA HDD/SSD. The SSD is a faster drive to read the data quickly.

Additionally, the system also provides the users with an 8 MB cache memory. It also looks sufficient as most of the systems come with 4 to 6 MB cache memory.

Concluding all, you are about to get great storage space and you hardly required to attach an external drive.


Like regular computer systems, the Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC also features various wired and wireless connection establishment options. Connection points must be there on the system to make the data transfer easy and smooth.

As far as the wired options are concerned, there are various ports available on the panel. Along with the power on/off button, it has four USB 3.0 ports, dual-USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI connector, a VGA interface, a DC input, a 3.5mm MIC audio jack, and a 3.5mm SPK jack etc.

Therefore, you can connect the PC with a larger screen, projector, and other devices as per your needs.

Concerning wireless options, here we have a Bluetooth 4.0 version and WIFI 802.11 b/g/n. Correspondingly, we have full freedom to connect our device with wide-range of external devices.


Well, this is the vital section as we all consider price deeply. Users always prefer fully-featured devices at a budgeted price. They have options too in the market to choose from.

The Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC is available for US$550.39 after an 8% discount on the Banggood online store. Link is there for you to go straight to the buying page.


As we have finished with the review after covering almost all the specifications and features of the Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC. We all use computer systems in our homes, offices, or other places. We might have different needs and goals which we use a computer for.

Accordingly, this handy device with the given features and configurations may be suitable for one and not for others.

But if we consider it generally, then it seems a worthy option if we want to buy a computer system for home or office use. It adopts all the basic to advanced features to be the product of the current generation.

In essence, the choice is up to the user. We can consider the Nvisen Y-MU-01 Mini PC as on optional on our list.

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