One Netbook One Mix 3 Review, Price and Features

The Chinese computer and software manufacturer One- Netbook launches their new production One Netbook One Mix 3 Pocket laptop. They had been dedicated to design and deliver completely highly efficient computers, software and digital solution ns. One netbook is committed to lead market trend and setting higher product standard by making professional and customized electronic products. The interesting thing about One- Netbook is there price point; they offer very compelling products with high value for money.

One Netbook Mix 3 pocket laptop is great pocket laptop covering impressive features and useful qualities. It is designed especially for business peoples who travel frequently and wants excellent performance and mobility in their pocket because while travelling it is difficult to handle laptop, So One- Notebook mix laptop is especially designed to overcome the problem of handling. It is designed for excellent performance in pocket size. Recent in the market many mini-laptops comes but the One- Mix 3 is best with the all features and design.

One Netbook Mix 3 Pocket Laptop: Features, Specifications and Design

The One Net book Mix 3 comes with 8.4 inch “Retina “LCD with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 with capacitive touch screen display with support for pressure sensitive digital pen with inbuilt 16 million color preference. This display shows the original picture and video format on the screen. The screen is high definition and IPS touch screen. So the user will get what they actually expect from this pocket laptop.

one mix 3

One Netbook Mix 3 pocket laptop houses Intel Core M3-8100Y new high efficient processor with 3.4 GHz CPU turbo performance, which help user in multi tasking and hassle free performance at very minimum power consumption. The device has elegant design.

So overall, the One- net book mix 3 pocket laptop is a collection of all the latest technologies and features.


So it the time to get all the keen knowledge about features and functions of One Netbook mix 3-pocket laptop. So it will help you to know the hidden attributes of the pocket laptop to take the buying decision. Focus on design as a craftsman Metal CNC technology. The One- Mix 3 is designed with CNC fuselage durable and with classic design. The classic design always uses simple lines to outline. One- Mix 3 have fashionable appearance design is best holding. 

The outer personality of any product plays a crucial role in the sale of the product and this is the foremost prospect for which user eventually go for. The outer personality plays a crucial role while going through selection process. So in case of One-mix 3 pocket laptop, it comes with slim and ultra light weight design. It have aluminum alloy shell with fashionable appearance design, it is just 14mm thick which makes it very portable.There are no such color options are available it usually comes in black color.

one mix 3

This product is built in 8th Intel Core CPU. Intel core M3-8100Y, this is a new high efficient processor which is designed based on new Amber lake framework. The turbo frequency of the Netbook is 3.4 GHz. This is the perfect combination of laptop and tablet. This Netbook also calculate your body mass index and also very helpful for figure out the body measurements.  

One mix 3 Connectivity

Therefore One- mix 3 pocket laptop houses powerful and superior weapons to bring out compelling performance. It will impart unusual and smooth functionality to solve out the entanglement reliably. The Netbook has dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi 5 connectivity. It has also Bluetooth 4.0 version for sharing data to the other device. This One- Mix 3 shares the data very fast. The One- Mix 3 seems to have a little more space between the punctuation keys. The touch sensor is present on the right side of the key.  

Operating System and processor

One mix 3 pocket laptop is one of the latest device from One- mix. Being among latest piece of technology it uses most advanced Windows 10 home 64- Bit as operating system.

 Similarly One mix 3 pocket laptop equips Intel core M3 – 8100Y processor based on 64 Bit architecture. So this will end up with unmatched performance at very low power usage.

one mix 3

So combining the system with its RAM the system becomes a powerful machine to run high end applications and software at very low power consumption. This will easily fulfill the demand of users of running high end 3D or 2D games and high end applications.


So coming to One- mix 3 pocket laptop graphical processing unit it holds Intel UHD 615 to cater to your 3D gaming desires and high quality.

For security, the Netbook one mix 3 has fingerprint scanner for locking the device and also you can lock with the password. Under privacy you can storage various data in the Netbook. Privacy provides you safety from other ones.

This product has Micro PCle NVMe SSD, this is an innovative SSD. It is very faster than you think. It is 20% size of normal SSD, as mini as a fingernail. This is very stable and faster. It saves your too much waste time for program loading. This is the innovation of UMPC.

This One- Mix 3 has 3.5 mm audio jack, digital audio output via HDMI. This audio jack gives you clear and original audio. Also this has high quality video output. 

one mix 3

This One- Mix 3 Netbook also support external large screen. With the HDMI cable or Type-C you can connects with the monitor screen, external large screen, sharing projection screen, connecting printer, making live conference demonstration and non-mobile office easier.

One mix 3 Storage and battery-

One Netbook Mix 3 is also very stunning at storage platform it comes with 8 GB LPDDR3 RAM and 256 or 512 GB ROM variants. So user will never face any storage problem in this device for keeping his valuable data and files. The storage is good part of the device. The storage is use for save the data in one mix 3 Netbook. Any type of data you can store and keep safe for long time.

The pre and post-install applications are depend only on storage of the device. We always look to buy the device with big storage capacity. This device has more storage, which is sufficient for you.     

So speaking about it battery performance it houses 8600 MAH (5/9/12 v charging) battery to run for long time and it also serves users with outstanding backup for its use. So company has also well arranged for great power storage space. The high battery performance gives you long time for operating the device. With high power battery you can watch movies, listen songs for long time. High performance battery did not need charge on half percent battery accuracy.

This tablet completes your all needs which you want or need. This is also best for enjoying. On the Netbook One- Mix 3, you can do office work or any other work easily. This design sets standard of your office or home.

One mix 3 Additional features-

In the package of this product is 1 x charger, 1 x English manual, 1 x Notebook. The English manual is best thing for your understanding. If you have any problem due to operate the netbook, you can find the solution or the way to operate from this manual.

Moreover, the one- mix 3 pocket laptop weigh is 0.6500kg and the package weight is 1.1000 kg. The product size is (L x W x H): 2.04 x 12.90 x 1.49 cm / 0.8 x 5.08 x 0.59 inches. The package size is (L x W x H): 22.70 x 22.70 x 3.80 cm / 8.94 x 8.94 x 1.5 inches. So it is very handy and easy to carry. Its glossy and superior finish gives it an attractive look.

one mix 3

For operate the Netbook there is a stylish pen. This stylish pen is best part of the Netbook. The pen supports 4096 level pressure original stylish pen. It can make your One-Mix 3 be your notebook. You can everything with this pen. This pen is very light touch sufficient for operate. With the pen you can make notes and draw the painting in netbook.

One- Mix 3 Netbook has many slots for connecting other device. This has TF slot, Type-C, USB 3.0, Micro HDMI and Headset slot. The One- Mix 3 Netbook provides you Backlit QWERTY keyboard with infrared induction mouse. This is the better for user.

You can buy this device from online websites.

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