RedmiBook Full-Screen Notebook Posters Show Amazing Design

Today, Xiaomi Notebook officially released the new RedmiBook posters. They show two important design elements. First, it can be carried with a single hand. And second, it is very portable and can be placed in the bag.

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From the official poster, we can see the new laptop retains the “Redmi” brand logo on the front, while there is a paragraph of text on the right side of the brand logo. The company emphasized the thin positioning of the new RedmiBook: “The body area is smaller than A4 paper, and it can be easily placed in a purse.”

According to official RedmiBook full-screen notebook configuration information, it comes with the 10th generation of Intel Core processor and MX250 discrete graphics card. Redmi Weibo said: “A laptop that can be turned into a radiator will be regarded as a radiator. In our opinion, the temperature of laptops is too high. Let us look at consumer’s expectations and let us look at the real notebook “cooling” system. It is incomparable.” In terms of heat dissipation, the company reduces the weight of the fan blade. Also, the air volume is larger, and the noise is lower.

In addition, the RedmiBook full-screen laptop uses a customized display circuit board. The four bezels of the board are very narrow. Plus, the battery life is up to 11 hours, and it supports fast charging.

As said above, the laptop can be easily lifted with one hand. At the same time, the housing of the Redmibook seems to be made of aluminum alloy. The whole machine is very thin. The Redmi full-screen notebook’s body has been polished by up to 500 high-precision sandblasting processes.
The RedmiBook full-screen laptop will come with the Redmi K30 series on December 10.

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