Redmibook Full-Screen Notebook

Redmibook Full-Screen Notebook Supports Wearable Unlocking

Redmibook Full-Screen Notebook

Redmi today warm up the RedmiBook full-screen notebook again. Saying that it supports wearable device unlocking.

Xiaomi Notebook’s official Weibo post said: Unconsciously unlocked, the smart interconnection around you. Because of the Modern Standby technology, the RedmiBook full-screen notebook supports the entire range of wearable devices without unlocking. It’s like adding a car key to your laptop, which is not only more convenient, but also more secure.

The poster shows that the RedmiBook full-screen notebook supports Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to unlock, it only takes 1.2 seconds.

The Standby is a new feature of Windows, and RedmiBook 14 also supports this function. This is a form of computer sleep. Computers in modern standby mode have low power consumption. In the low power standby state, if the computer needs to resume execution, the computer components will quickly return to working state. Modern standby provides users with the same power control method as on smartphones. Can achieve “on now” and “off now” user experience.

This notebook is standard with the 10th generation Intel Core processor and MX250 discrete graphics. In terms of heat dissipation, the weight of the fan blades is reduced, and there is greater air volume and less noise. The heat dissipation structure was redesign, and a 100% all-copper cooling module and a 6mm diameter double heat pipe were use. In addition, the RedmiBook full-screen notebook uses a custom display circuit board. Which achieves a very narrow four bezel and supports Xiaomi’s mutual transmission function.

The RedmiBook full-screen notebook will releas together with the Redmi K30 series on December 10th. At that time, the official Redmi router AC2100 and Redmi Xiaoai Speaker Play will be launched.

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