XIaomi redmibook 14 pro

RedmiBook Pro Will Support Xiao Ai Voice Assistant

RedmiBook Pro will be officially released tomorrow.

Today, Redmi announced the new highlights of RedmiBook Pro: for the first time to carry Xiao Ai voice assistant.

Xiao Ai is an artificial intelligence voice system developed by Xiaomi. At present, Xiaomi smartphones, Xiaomi TVs, Xiaomi bracelets, smart speakers and other categories have built-in Xiao Ai voice assistants.

It supports voice interaction and provides various functions such as news, weather, alarm clock, countdown, memo, reminder, encyclopedia/question and answer, small chat, jokes, recipes, translation and so on.

In addition to supporting Xiao Ai’s voice interaction, the RedmiBook Pro will also support multi-screen collaborative operation.

You can use MIUI on your laptop, view mobile notifications on your computer, copy text on your smartphone and paste it directly on your computer, open the screenshot of your smartphone directly on your computer, and then view the webpage opened on your smartphone on your computer.

More importantly, the screen of the RedmiBook Pro has also been upgraded. The company emphasized that the RedmiBook Pro screen is a bit ruthless and will be the most Pro screen ever.

According to previous news, the RedmiBook Pro uses a new mold. Under the hood, it will carry Intel’s 11th-generation Core H35 processor (4 cores) and an MX450 standalone display. The laptops sports a 2K screen. There is a NVMe solid state drive, Type-C interface, and it supports PD protocol charging, fingerprint unlock, keyboard backlight, new mold metal body, etc. In addition, Xiaomi officially confirmed that all future notebooks will have cameras.

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